Warm a Home

6 ways to help keep seniors safe at home during the coldest months.

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The Facts: Betty felt a little chilly at night when the temperatures dipped below freezing, but she brushed it off. Luckily, a neighbor checked on her and realized her house was very cold. Her thermostat was set too low. The neighbor helped Betty set her thermostat to a higher temperature, helping to ensure she had a safe and warm home for the winter.

Unfortunately, seniors like Betty are at a higher risk of hypothermia. In fact, those over the age of 65 account for nearly half of all hypothermia deaths. The leading reason for hypothermia in the elderly is due to poorly heated homes, which can be preventable.

As the body ages, the ability to maintain a normal internal body temperature decreases, creating an insensitivity to moderately cold temperatures. Seniors may not realize they are putting themselves at risk until symptoms appear. When symptoms are present, medical attention is necessary.

Here are six tips to help keep your home, or senior loved one’s home, safe and warm this winter:

  1. Keep the thermostat at 65 degrees, at least. Consistently check to make sure it is sufficiently warm. Even as heating costs rise, safety should be a priority.

  2. Put a carbon monoxide detector near where you sleep.

  3. Ensure that there is adequate insulation, and check and clean the fireplace and furnace. Furnace filters should be replaced monthly.

  4. Minimize drafts by filling old socks with sand and using them in drafty windowsills and door jams. Weather-strip around windows and doors. Keep doors to unused rooms closed and close curtains at night.

  5. Add an extra blanket to the bed and warm the bed in advance with a hot water bottle. Avoid electric blankets – it may be difficult to operate the controls if the temperature needs to be adjusted in the night.

  6. Dress in layers of loose fitting clothing. If you go outside, make sure your head is covered.

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Hi, yesterday at the shop,I greeted a senior and we chatted a little bit as she headed to her daughter’s car.Some months back,my family and I visited a senior and we helped her clean her kitchen,and made some food for her.It was really a pleasant experience,I felt some inner peace within me each time I help people especially seniors.

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Always show them your love and warmth and how much you care.

1 Kind Act Completed

Hello I just like to share something me & my wife had to go through without power and I’ll home we stayed without power 10 whole days in cold weather no help nobody to come to our rescue until I heard the word of God telling me and my wife to get up and go out to PWC to get our lights back on our self God said he only help those that help themselves and I just like to say to PWC light company in Fayetteville North Carolina thank you for the lights & the Warmness of our home once again amen

Evelyn Graham
2 Kind Acts Completed

I always make sure that my clients are warm and happy. I always make sure to check everything that needs to be done.

Evelyn Graham
2 Kind Acts Completed

I always make sure that my clients are warm and happy. I always make sure to check everything that needs to be done. The weather has not been to bad .but it’s nice to be safe .

1 Kind Act Completed

I have always cared for others. I took care of my father when he had cancer. I have helped senior neighbors and helped to feed patients in the hospital.

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I am 64 years old I live in maryville Tennessee and I need some help on my rented house is there anyone here in this area that can help me

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I always have a list of people to call in the morning asking how they are doing.Ask about they’re pets to make sure they are ok too. Make sure they take their medication and are getting something to eat. Checking to see if they check their blood glucose level. If they need anything from the store.

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Safety, warmth, and compassion is of the utmost importance!

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J had lived in snow country all his life and the cold never bothered him but now in his 80s his light weight jacket didn’t seem to keep him warm enough. I bought him a quilted puffy coat and he stayed toasty warm on those chilly days and was still able to go outside and get some fresh air.