Uncover the Positive Power of Pets

The pet and human connection is strong. For this week’s care mission, we want you to find ways to bring pets into a senior’s life.
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According to reports, seniors who regularly interact with pets experience lower blood pressure, pain reduction, less loneliness and more happiness. But not everyone has a pet in their life to enjoy.

We challenge you to brighten a senior’s life with a pet. When you can’t do that in person, it gets a little trickier. These tips can help you share the joy of pets without being in close contact.

  1. Send photos of your pet.
  2. Have your pet make a guest appearance on your next video chat.
  3. Take your dog on walks so friends and neighbors can watch from a safe distance or inside their homes through the window.
  4. Film your dog doing tricks and send it to friends.
  5. Share a few good animal videos or happy pet stories.

If you know a senior with pets, check on them to see if they have enough food or need help walking their dog.

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Mission completed

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Us as caring people, when you get off duty, if u have time, call and check in – on the elderly people that you cared for.

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My small dog mad friends with the lady that gets the cans from my house.

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Every day I walk my bichon around the same block and see mostly the same seniors. He is known by name and welcomed by most everyone!

LaDonna Jamison
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I have a pet and she is my best friend keeps me on my toes please take me off your list

Nancy Cooksey
54 Kind Acts Completed

We are so proud of our 3 yr old dog that we show him off and share pictures whenever we can! Social media and in person! He is very protective of us so not real social in person til he gets to know you! I agree that pets do help make life happier and are true companions! 🐶

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I have four dogs, Lady, A.J, Frank, and Winnie.

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I loved it

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I used my cats

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It’s true. As I walk my furry boy around the block, there are many seniors who will comment about his little shirt or sweater, his antics and goofiness, the weather, that they didn’t see us the day before or whatever the case. It gives an easy thing to talk about and gives us a connection point. Some will mention the pet they used to have too. I like that! Little things do make a difference. — C

31 Kind Acts Completed

Our cats are the welcome wagon for the neighborhood. They follow us next door when we visit our senior neighbor and love the attention they get from her. She looks forward to their visit as well, and always has a little treat for them.

8 Kind Acts Completed

I take Sasha(my poodle) to a couple of sick neighbors 2 or 3 times a week. She loves it as much as my neighbors

13 Kind Acts Completed

We adopted a dog in March and have been sharing photos and videos each week. Everyone loves a good pet photo. ❤️

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My 19 year old shitzu died I need another dog have one leg and no car I need help to get a small dog again

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To whom may concern,
Am looking for a part time job where I can work,helping people, I
Took care a man in a wheel chair for 15 years helping him till he died. Then took care his wife for a short time till she died too.

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Sent a pic and dropped a note to Aunt Bettye, wishing her well. I hope it makes her smile!

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I called a 90 year old friend who recently lostagood a tifriend,she makes you 🐻 for missions @ our church

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Great mission!

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I am allergic to dogs and cats so I send pictures of my sister’s pet birds. I give my sister bird food and treats and toys to play with. I love to watch them play and sing.

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My pup brings me so much joy, I struggle with depression & she always makes me smile! She is loyal, comforting, & even though we rescued her, it feels more that she rescued us! She was just diagnosed with a heart murmur & we need prayers that she will heal. After all she is a gift from God & as you can see dog spelled backwards is God! & I truly believe God did that on purpose. She is definitely more than a dog too my husband & myself!