Thank 5 People

A grateful heart is a happy heart. Count your blessings and show your gratitude to five people this week.
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A simple “thanks” can lift the spirit. Not just by receiving thanks, but also by expressing gratitude. An article published by Harvard University, “Giving thanks can make you happier,” describes how “gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness.” Cultivating gratitude may help people appreciate the positive things they have in their lives.

This week, try boosting your own gratitude attitude by spreading thanks to friends, relatives and even strangers.

5 Ways to Say Thanks

  1. Write thank you cards to people who gave you gifts over the holidays.
  2. Text a friend and let them know how much you appreciate them.
  3. Tell someone why they are important to you.
  4. Go above and beyond to thank a stranger who does something nice for you.
  5. Call a senior friend or relative and tell them how grateful you are to have them in your life.

Do you feel happier when you express gratitude?

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1 Kind Act Completed

I try to always have an attitude of gratitude. I try and thank God, every day!!!

4 Kind Acts Completed

I treat people the way I want to be treated. I don’t respond in a negative manner when someone is negative with me.I express my sincere appreciation to the clerks and others who service the public. Being nice can be contagious

2 Kind Acts Completed

Today I went to Walmart and said hello to every senior citizen.

2 Kind Acts Completed

Planning h on walking my gods today! I always run into seniors n like to intractable with them but today I will do a little something extra! ❤️

3 Kind Acts Completed

I have elderly relative she is isolated because can’t get in and of her home. She has n friend the old neighbors are no longer their .I am her life line .I call her and visit and prepare meals

2 Kind Acts Completed

I walked by a neighbors house and was offered a cup of tea, accepting her offer I had a hard time entering the home, dog waste had gathered. I offered to clean up the location, she accepted. I am now a help to her as she employed me and we both have it much better.

0 Kind Acts Completed

Felt great!

2 Kind Acts Completed

I’m very thankful to all God is !! The one that taught me what! I know God is my teacher for all things love, loyalty, patience, caring giving and seeing smiles on faces and thankful for all that help me in small beautiful ways it’s,, the thought that counts

Nancy Cooksey
54 Kind Acts Completed

First of all I thank my God every day for all the blessings he has given me. I always thank people who pay me a compliment or do something kind for me!

4 Kind Acts Completed

Yesterday would have been my Dad’s 96th bday. So I secretly bought breakfast for a senior who reminds me of my dad. He was a brown cowboy hat and cowboy shirts like my dad at our local early morning coffee hangout.

6 Kind Acts Completed

I thank my neighbors, my senior friends and cousins!

2 Kind Acts Completed

I’am a senior citizen myself, I go-to the grocery and smile and trying greeting seniors and everyone else! But in return , I get frowns,no expressions,or ignores!! I just lost my daughter Emmita on Christmas Day,2019!! Then my parakeet!! I’am bitter and hurt and oh so sad!! My soul and ❤️ are broken, beyond repair!! So yes,I will go out of my way to make any senior citizen smile and make them feel like Queen/ King for the day!! Blessings to you for taking the time to read this?

0 Kind Acts Completed

I took my mom who is 83 to the dr. Pharmacy. Lunch and took her trash yesterday.
And I have been letting people go ahead of me in line. Young and old
And giving people compliments

0 Kind Acts Completed

I am doing and completing the Thanks part today

13 Kind Acts Completed

Great motivation to send my thank you cards. I always try and say hello to seniors when I’m out running errands.

12 Kind Acts Completed

I thanked some people for being my friend.

17 Kind Acts Completed

I am so greatful for the seniors that i help everyday. I love to see them smile and listen to them talk about their families and traditions that they had and just how their families are growing and having new great grand babies and the expressions on their faces. It is amazing just how much we can learn and enjoy their stories. Without them we wouldn’t have the enjoyment in our life and theirs.

2 Kind Acts Completed

Reached out to several people I had not spoken for quite a while, and prayed with a couple of them. I took a friend who have MS to get a long winter coat so she can cover her legs when she’s in her wheel chair.

2 Kind Acts Completed

Thanked our pastors for driving 12 miles in rough weather sometimes so we can have church.

50 Kind Acts Completed

I recently went on Facebook’s Messenger App and I saw a truly wonderful text message that a friend of mine sent to me… Inspired by the message it contained I wrote one in my own words to express the feelings that I have in my heart for so many of my close friends and what I would love each of them to know about how they have individually touched my heart and made a positive affect on my life by their presence… These were all the things I would want them to know and I would love it if I could tell them all this, in case (God Forbid) they were taken from me here on Earth and they were no longer here for me to say to them! It evoked such a beautiful response from each and every one of them back to me that I sat there in tears reading each and every one of their responses back to me! It was the most emotional day I can remember ever having & it helped all of us say what we’ve always felt in our hearts before it was too late to do it in person… It was actually the best thing I think I ever did to express everything I have in my heart and deep in my soul for each and every person who has touched my heart ❤️ in a very profound way! So I would say this is one off of my bucket list now, as now all the people who I love know exactly what their presence in my life has meant to me and how much I love and appreciate them for all they are to me! And now for anyone new that enters my life after this I will express to them on a yearly basis just what they mean to me too, so I keep the gratitude and love moving forward in my life! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ? Julie

5 Kind Acts Completed

I have a friend who helps me everyday with things I myself can’t do I make sure to genuinely Thank him each time

Lynda Gail
11 Kind Acts Completed

Sent cards to people & made phone calls or texted others. I remember how I feel when someone does this for me & make it personal to them.

1 Kind Act Completed

The first person I gave thanks to was God. For without him we would not be here. He blesses me every day. The second person was my mother. For without her I would not be alive today. The third person was my fiance who works hard every day for the both of us and for that I am grateful. The fourth person was my best friend for always being there when i need someone to talk to. And the final person that I gave thanks to was my son, for making me the proudest and luckiest mother on the planet.