Teach a Senior to Video Chat

Technology is a great way to connect with others. But not everyone knows how to use features like video chat. If you know a senior who doesn’t know how, help them learn! 
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Your Care Challenge:

Many seniors are whizzes at video calls. But not everyone has mastered this feature. Help someone learn this new skill so they can stay connected to friends and family.

Remember these 3 tips when you teach someone how to use video chat for the first time:

  1. Pick the easiest method. Try starting with functionality that is built into a phone, tablet or app they already use. Here are a few popular options for video chats: Facebook Messenger, FaceTime, WhatsApp, and Google Duo or Hangouts. There are many more options as well.
  2. Send directions. Make a step-by-step instruction sheet and send it to them. Use screenshots to go along with the steps.
  3. Practice and patience. Go slowly and walk them through each step. Don’t assume the person knows the lingo, either. Be patient and encouraging as they learn this new skill!

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Please stop send food to us
Thank you for food

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The seniior cant read. So instruction sheet wont work. Screen shots only good if the senior already understands it. There’s no easy way unless the senior already has competent skills. If someone has been able to teach this, please posts suggestions. Thx

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If the caller is aware of what the screen looks like it works great to walk thru with the individual. Example push the button that says pictures..use arrow on bottom of screen…end call..volume…

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That is A good way to check on your neighbor

Nancy Cooksey
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My senior husband has been having monthly Zoom virtual appts with his oncologist during the pandemic months! I set it up for him and get the connection going so all he has to do is sit down and chat! Some seniors don’t care to learn the latest technology!!!

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I would like to help, if I can

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If you have patience you can teach any one how to do any thing that will help them

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Linda Kerxhalli Caruso
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I helped a senior in my building when her sure alarm went off and she could not hear it because she was in the shower. I banged on her door until she finally heard me.

Wendy Lombardi
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I make a point to call my 95 year old mother almost everyday just to say hi and let her know how much I love her. I enjoy the elderly!! So much wisdom to iffer us if we woukd take the time to listen to them.

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Please stop sent food very Friday thank you

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I helped a elderly woman put her bags in the car she was by her self and needed help.
Any random act of kindness can make a world of difference to our seniors.