Spring Forward with Kindness

With a new season upon us, share an activity or good deed with a senior.
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Spring is the season of new beginnings – so why not start it off right by being the one who brings a smile to the face of a senior in your community. After a long winter that is often isolating for many older adults, acts of kindness are an easy way to bring sunshine to someone’s life. Whether it’s dropping off flowers, going for a walk, or mowing someone’s grass, no good deed goes unnoticed.

Besides the scientific studies that say it’s healthy for us to help others, being kind is just the right thing to do. Here are a few ideas to brighten a senior’s season:

  1. Pick up a newspaper from driveway.
  2. Have a socially distanced picnic or chat.
  3. Offer to a walk dog.
  4. Share pictures from a recent nature walk.
  5. Knock on a door and check in.

What is something you plan to do for or with a senior in the weeks ahead?

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Sharon Smith
7 Kind Acts Completed

My ACT OF kindness Would be knocking on a seniors Door to check in ON them.
Pickup News paper From driveway.
Offer to walk there Dog.

4 Kind Acts Completed

This weekend put candy in Easter eggs & made out Easter cards for the residents at a nursing home close to me. Friday going to visit my friend for her 90th birthday. Bringing my dog & some special treats for her. It’s still hard with covid restrictions in place but I have found small ways to put a smile on people’s faces even thou I am not there.

1 Kind Act Completed

Had a socially distanced evening chat with my neighbor

2 Kind Acts Completed

I have the homeless my cans and bottles.

8 Kind Acts Completed

I will clean the street and alley by my home and by my neighbors homes, we will plant flowers.

6 Kind Acts Completed

Hi there I’m happy it’s Spring, are U enjoying it, the bright sun is so warm. To read a book near a window, where the sunshine’s. A nice & cozy way to spend the day. Let’s be happy, that’s my choice each morning. How’s ur soul today?!? Our body’s are temporary, our souls are forever. I love to reflect our Redeemer. Ur body is ur temple, we decorate our temple. God, is good. God, wants full custody not just weekends. Yes this weather is Easter Weather. Perfect. I love the weather. Thank U Jesus Christ. Are U ready for Easter?!? I’m ready or not right?!? Smile let people know ur smiling having a Fabulous day. I enjoy writing letters to U. Because ur special, ur someone’s world. But ur my friend, I love that. Know that u are very important to me. I’m sending along with this letter a hug with lots of love. Because I care. Let me close this letter. I will write again. Until then take care because I care.

33 Kind Acts Completed

I often check in on my senior friends and ask if they need anything.

14 Kind Acts Completed

I have a friend who hasn’t been able to see any friends or other family members for the last year. Now that I’m vaccinated, I can go visit her! We’re both so excited!

3 Kind Acts Completed

I’ve created a group chat with my dad and stepmom to help us all vent about daily life. It’s going really well.

1 Kind Act Completed

Brought a small plant for my client! She loved it. Put a big smile on her face. Each time I see her the plant is in bloom with pretty flowers!

5 Kind Acts Completed

I got a lady an electric cart. At store to ride in and shop.🌝

4 Kind Acts Completed

I called just to say hello to the elderly mother of one of my church friends. She was very surprised and happy.

1 Kind Act Completed

My act of kindness is calling a senior on the phone everyday to check in with them.

11 Kind Acts Completed

I took my neighbor a cake and checked on them.called them also.

11 Kind Acts Completed

Checked on neighbor !!