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Reading is a hobby that can bring people together.
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From science fiction and romance, to the Washington Post and GQ, there is no shortage of things to read in 2021. And while we may not always agree on what to indulge – or what is relevant – sharing our literary diet can often up conversation and our minds to new things we never thought we’d like.

So, grab a digital or hard copy of your favorite, or recent reading, and pass it along to the senior in your life.

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4 Kind Acts Completed

I love to read the Skimm! It’s a news outlet that sends an email directly to you each morning with a “skimmed” version of both national and global news! It’s short and sweet and I finish it before my first cup of coffee is brewed! Highly recommend!

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Recently met a young lady who fell and broke her arm. Many things are difficult for her. I check in with her to make sure she is still getting her needs met. Especially, reading her any information from the doctor.

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I have been reading the Chronicles of Narnia lately. It’s really amazing how you can relate it to the Bible. Make sure to start on book one, most people don’t know that the most popular book, The Lion Witch and the Wardrobe, is the second book in the series. I highly recommend this book series by C.S Lewis!

2 Kind Acts Completed

I like to read to my grandma when I go and visit

33 Kind Acts Completed

I love to read to my mom. I read everything to her from the news online to favorite books to previews of her soaps. She loves it too. She read to me when I was little so now I read to her. Something we both enjoy.

2 Kind Acts Completed

I helped a senior go to church

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I signed up as a pen pal and wrote a letter of having faith and giving thanks. I believe it is so important to believe in something greater than yourself this gives us hope in difficult times and we need hope with the way the world is today.

1 Kind Act Completed

I share my books with my 82 year old dad. When he is done, he passes them on to his friends.

3 Kind Acts Completed

My friends husband passed away Friday. I went to her home and sit with her. It allowed her to talk about her husband, while I listened. Will go back to clean up for her.

4 Kind Acts Completed

Hello ! There, how everyone doing dear! I like music, I sing and dance,
Almost all kinds of music.if anyone
Get to read my number please respond.O had sent several messages before,but no one respond. Fretz.

11 Kind Acts Completed

I sent some of my favorite positive quotes to many senior friends on Facebook. Sue Pate

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Individual Bread Pudding
1 C milk
1 egg. 1 tsp melted butter Add cinnamon and sugar
Blend in mixer. Pour over
I slice bread broken in small pieces that have been spread into a small baking dish. Bake at 375 deg. For 30 min.
So delicious!

1 Kind Act Completed

I gave my elderly parents a large print subscription to the Readers Digest. I believe most magazines can be ordered in large print

1 Kind Act Completed

Started a book club with Mom, Grandma, Great Grandma! We get together once a week for a few hours on Zoom to discuss 🙂

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Environmental security of Pakistan

1 Kind Act Completed

Child labour in pakistan

2 Kind Acts Completed

I read my morning Bible verses n
devotional. I read shorty true story on face book too. I enjoy them very much.

2 Kind Acts Completed

yes. I love to help others also seniors like my self n littles childrens.

16 Kind Acts Completed

I send some classical tales to my elders friends, this weekend we’re going to share a virtual exchange about these stories. Many of these was read in their childhood.

1 Kind Act Completed

Sometimes I visit the nursing home which is not far from my house I asked administration if they could get a group together and I will read them a story funny thing I chose Cinderella because I have a feeling it’s been along time since they heard it and they can remember their French charming as they continue with their life

4 Kind Acts Completed

Shared favorite Bible verses with a lady at the local shelter