Share a Puzzle with a Senior

Give the gift of a new puzzle book or connect with a senior by challenging them head-to-head to see who can complete more sudoku grids.
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Studies have shown that cognitive stimulating activities such as word puzzles help delay memory loss and curb dementia and Alzheimer’s disease for aging adults. And being so popular and easy to learn, sudoku could be the perfect brain-stimulating game for the senior in your life. It’s also a great game to engage in a one-on-one competition.

This week, let a senior know you’re thinking of them by giving them a sudoku or another puzzle game of their choice.

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My hilstory when care to first time people lm lmprrsionate when they are how baby, the Bible says they need comprens

Nancy Lopez
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I cook for my friend Señior her favorite chicken soup with vegetables and a corn bread, wash her clothes, clean and change her, walk her dogs she was happy 🥰 she is 88 years old

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I would love to share a puzzle

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Yesterday I was at the eye doctors with my mother. There was a lady at the counter with her dad and she had her hands full. I helped . I helped take her dad outside so he could sit. I stayed outside with him until his daughter came out. I felt really good he was really appreciative and so was his daughter.

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I went to cook with Jim his a señor his 79 he loves to cook out for his friends so I went to help him out we talked about when he was young and crazy laughed for a while then helped him clean up had a really good time.

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Dropped in at my local senior center with a few puzzles and visited while we worked a mini puzzle together

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My best friend brought me meatloaf, Veggies and twice baked potato.

What a true friend 😉

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My mom is a senior and likes to do puzzles and each week we do a small jigsaw puzzle together.

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I’ve been sharing puzzles with my 93-year-old mother for more than a year. She loves jigsaw puzzles! Puzzles have kept her mind active during the pandemic. She loves showing off her work.

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Done a very popular thank you very pleasurable