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Getting a well-balanced diet to fit into your busy weekly schedule can seem next to impossible sometimes. But for a socially isolated senior, just getting one healthy meal a week may be a stretch due to not having access to good recipes that provide the sufficient vitamins and nutrition they need.

By sharing the specs for a healthy meal, you’re not only bettering their diet, but also their social interaction.

What should a “healthy” meal include? According to most health experts, seniors often fall short on a number of nutritious areas, but meals should definitely include:

  • Dairy for calcium and B and D vitamins
  • Fruits and vegetables for fiber and potassium
  • Fish and other lean meat for healthy fats

What’s your favorite healthy dish? Share it in the comments below.

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I cooked food for my senior neighbor and invited her to eat.

Bokru Zeweldi
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Nice dish
I wish joined you

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I made three of my senior friends a chicken pot pie and rice pudding then delivered it to them.

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My mom is nearly blind I had my wife call her and tell her to come outside and look at the moon because I know she could see it

10 Kind Acts Completed

Salad with lettuce cranberries and chicken strips and crotches

7 Kind Acts Completed

My favorite go to healthy dish is a super fuel dish that has ground turkey; sweet potatoes and veggies all in one pan. Add some seasonings and your good to go! Has all you need: protein; carb and healthy fat.

Frank Zahradka
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Fry cabbage good for U

3 Kind Acts Completed

Our family favorite dish is it’s almost like a tuna heler but it’s got hamburger in it and macaroni and 2 different frozen vegetables and cream of mushroom soup. It’s really good. I make a double batch and by the time were through with its almost gone.

3 Kind Acts Completed

I love oatmeal with cinnamon, raisins, and brown sugar. I also love steamed cabbage. Sometimes I invite my friends to come over for lunch, just to get them out of the house for a few hours.

3 Kind Acts Completed

I really just like fruit

7 Kind Acts Completed

I will have invited a Senior for Easter dinner. We will have ham, baked sweet potatoes, and green beans steamed and served with lemon and garlic.
Easter cake for dessert.

20 Kind Acts Completed

I cooked a meal for a senior and we ate together!! 😊

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I took some clothes to a few younger women that I didn’t wear anymore.

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I cooked a salad in a microwave!!

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Have all;ash any. Song

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I made a salad it consists of a bed of spinach , 2 tablespoons cottage cheese , Apple’s, pears, tangerines, red seedless grapes and walnuts.

17 Kind Acts Completed

My mom is in assisted living, sometimes I will send her over a homemade meal of tuna and gluten free pasta which is her favorite dish .

24 Kind Acts Completed

I always cook for my mom. She can’t cook anymore and we share food and recipes.