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Sometimes we can help ourselves while helping others. Performing rituals like praying, meditating or engaging in another mindful tradition can help us feel calmer, grounded and more connected with others. These positive vibes might indeed extend to the person we focus our reflections on.
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When someone in your circle needs your loving concern, how do you express it? Pray? Meditate? Perform a ritual? Whatever your personal or cultural traditions, take a mindful moment today to focus your thoughts on the wellbeing of a senior you know and send “good vibes” into the universe for them. Afterwards, reach out to them to touch base and share your good wishes personally.

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1 Kind Act Completed

I practice this act pretty much every day. I used to work in a Senior Care Center and I have a great understanding of how important it is to reach out and show love to our elderly.

4 Kind Acts Completed

I just moved to Port Huron, Mi and by downtown there are quite a few senior centers. I love going in to say Hi and esp tagging along w them when they take their furbabies for walks.

2 Kind Acts Completed

Took my friend for haircut…. than to dinner

1 Kind Act Completed

I have a friend who is 75 years old she is fabulous and very young spirited when I go shopping and I see something she would like I bought it for her for instance like a plant fern Or some pretty rhinestone pens. She is always so appreciative of my little acts of kindness

2 Kind Acts Completed

I take full time care of my fav senior, my mom. 82 and second stroke so full time job. On Thursdays I spend time at a residents facility and give free back massages and shoulder and hand rubs. 💜

5 Kind Acts Completed

Went and saw my mom in the nursing home for Mother’s Day her neighbor and the staff we took shrimp platters And candy to them

2 Kind Acts Completed

I asked an elderly person, sitting on the corner in his walker if he was ok. He said he didn’t know where to go. Asking where he wanted to go, he said home.
I walked him to a senior place on the next corner and that is where he belonged.
He no longer has walking privledges.

12 Kind Acts Completed

Called a friend yesterday and found that her children are moving out of state soon. She will miss them terribly. I promise to call her every week to chat.

9 Kind Acts Completed

I spent time with one my residents reading the Bible and praying for them. And on Wednesdays at the nursing home I have a Bible study for the residents.

5 Kind Acts Completed

Where I live I have some seniors that need food so every Monday I go to the food bank and Pick up six bags of food and take to them and what they don’t use I take to a family that I know that needs it

Barbara Cucci
2 Kind Acts Completed

I deliver Meals on Wheels every Monday and I make sure to bring a little treat for all the Seniors on my route and take the time to talk to them and always offer a compliment.

3 Kind Acts Completed

I have a good friend that is a senior I love her dearly she has a lot of problems so I try to help her with it

0 Kind Acts Completed

I gave money to a charity.

8 Kind Acts Completed

I called a senior friend and asked her how she was feeling today .we talked about things like how was her family and friends. I let her talk about her new baby granddaughter who was born a week ago .she said her granddaughter (the mother of the baby)is doing good .she told me that her granddaughter (the mother of the baby )and her were talking on video chat about everyday.i told her I was praying for her and her family.we usually try to together when we can or we talk on the phone.i told her we can get together soon for lunch .I keep her in my prayers and all of my friends and family too

Carrie Ann
1 Kind Act Completed

Like my mom i tend to talk to strangers. Sharing GOD’S LOVE not mine. Recent evening spoke to a man who seemed to have been lonely with pandemic and all. I do my best at being an active listener. Being interested in their share. For me I struggle with putting self aside so moments like this helps me.

3 Kind Acts Completed

I say hi to neighbor

2 Kind Acts Completed

Each day of my life I have been devoted to send out roses, prayers or emojis to elders I know including people who are not seniors. I care and love showing it.

1 Kind Act Completed

Sending love and light to the senior living center up the street from my house.

Carmen L
2 Kind Acts Completed

So far I have not made any contact with any seniors, I need information as to how go about and some Seniors center telephone number and address, and if I may, I would like a contact name as well
. ( that’s if possible.)
Thank you.

9 Kind Acts Completed

I visited and prayed with a Senior in my apartment. Encouragement and checking in with neighbors is so important

48 Kind Acts Completed

I try to do this as much as I can. I used to volunteer at a senior center and all of them appreciated small acts of kindness and just checking in on them. I have a few seniors I reach out to daily and weekly.

2 Kind Acts Completed

I send food to the food bank

5 Kind Acts Completed

Helping my grandma every week going to the grocery store for her

Nita Fitzpatrick
1 Kind Act Completed

our elderly neighbor who had a stroke last year is very happy that we still remember to greet her in Mother’s Day, we brought her a cake and flowers. Even there’s no occasion we make sure we think about her by bringing treats to make her day!

2 Kind Acts Completed

One of my neighbors I was giving her praise and positive words for her day. And told her what a blessing she is.

2 Kind Acts Completed

Sent good vibes to the seniors at the hospital 🏥

2 Kind Acts Completed

I texted my Ex Mother in law a story about a friend that 15years ago she offered advice when she was having miscarriages. My friend now has 4 lovely children. She was delighted to read that news to say the least! Keep Spreading the Aloha as we say here in Hawaii!

2 Kind Acts Completed

I have been praying for 2 of my patients. Cleaning there rooms and giving them my love.

3 Kind Acts Completed

My dad is a vet and a 100% disable . I pray for him and he gets frustrated on small task so I help him , and I try to remind him to concentrate on the things he can do.

1 Kind Act Completed

I lost my grandparents so this is my way of giving back to the ones that need it grandparents are the foundation and without them we have nothing I give my grandparents rip all the thanks for what they have done

1 Kind Act Completed

I work as a missionary for my church and I am working with a bunch of seniors in my mission we work in the family history department and we digitize records to make people able to find their ancestors online. One of the senior missionary couples that I work with are just the sweetest people ever, they have seen and heard so much and sometimes driving to church I would get a taste of the stories that they have and the wisdom that they have to share. So they were the first people who came to mind when I heard this kindness challenge. The whole entire lives they have given acts of kindness and selfless service to the people around them. They are truly examples of what it means to be disciples of Jesus Christ and I am so happy I gotten to have them both in my life.

2 Kind Acts Completed

Greeted a couple seniors doing grocery shopping, smiled and reached something they couldn’t reach

Nazbin Wadud
0 Kind Acts Completed

Hi! I didn’t work with my elders but I always sympathize with my in laws. Every alternate day I have talked with her and counseling how she not feeling bad mentally because I know mentally sick means physically sick. So not to demoralize. Always be happy with good mood. I know it’s not easy but we can try to motivate her mind. I think always treat with elders as same as our children. We tolerate children’s all good or bad situation. So we can handle our elders .

1 Kind Act Completed

Me and my husband was in the store earlier today and this senior lady was trying to open the door couldn’t get her cart in. So I opened the door to let her go first. Then I brought her cart. And she almost cried. Said no one was so ever loving. I told her that my grandma was about her age. And she taught me respect.

1 Kind Act Completed

Just moved here a short time ago have not really met my neighbors yet only to say hello coming or going but there are quite a few feral cats in the area that i do feed daily and hope soon to get to know my new community better

0 Kind Acts Completed

I said hi to a nice man waiting to get his hair cut. I even allowed him to go ahead of me in line. 😎👍🙏

0 Kind Acts Completed

I love reading and sharing with others about what I read and hear their opinions

4 Kind Acts Completed

When my friends or a senior needs me. Whatever the problem is. If it’s talking, errands, praying, going out to eat. We support one another. Through praying and support.

4 Kind Acts Completed

I always help a senior. Whether it be picking one up to run errands or take them out to lunch. Just listen to them whenever they need to talk. It’s very important to show compassion and concern. We all need to do our part.

0 Kind Acts Completed

I work a full time healthcare worker 7 days a week and I love my job. I would like to help someone else in need and see and help linda harvey

18 Kind Acts Completed

This was great!

11 Kind Acts Completed

A listener to a broken heart that feels betrayed by her family.Speak to her every chance I can.Shes not alone she reminds me of a beautiful rose.

1 Kind Act Completed

Took a shepherd’s hook and a bird feeder to the assisted living homes garden area for the residents to be able to watch the birds from their windows

1 Kind Act Completed

Took flower and plants to the nursing home garden and planted them for the residents. Now they can look out their windows and see pretty plants and butterflies

6 Kind Acts Completed

Prayed for an elderly neighbor this week!

1 Kind Act Completed

I try to make kindness a huge part of my life. When I was 18 I volunteered for seniors all over NYC. Grocery shopping, doctor’s appointments and good conversation. I will never forget Betty Barton. A 90 yr.old woman who told me all about life and taught me plenty. She was stubborn but after sometime, she allowed me in to her apartment(I had to wait in the hallway and speak to her through the door) and eventually into her heart. But not before putting a beautifully bright shade of red lipstick. I still think of her and i am now 50. Filled my heart, stubborn and all ❤

21 Kind Acts Completed

Took an elderly friend to doctor, then to a store, & on to eat lunch. A good day for both of us!

4 Kind Acts Completed

I sent a card to several seniors listed in our church directory. I just wanted to brighten their day since we are unable to visit at this time.

2 Kind Acts Completed

My Father is going through treatment for Cancer and I make sure to call him every day and check on him as well as to go to his home several times a week and make him smoothies with extra nutrients in them! I send cheerful text messages and most importantly I pray 🙏 for his healing daily so that God will keep him strong and give him all he needs to thrive through this trying time! 🙏❤️