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Continue the spirit the Easter and renew your spirit so you can keep caring.
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This is a challenging time and we know your spirit could use a boost. Renewing your spirit requires more than Netflix and chocolate binges. True self-love reaches past the exhausted, worn out parts and whispers to your soul, “You’ve got this.”

Your care mission this week is to empower yourself to keep going so you can keep caring for others. Try these 12 tips to renew your spirit:

  1. Repeat this phrase: “Beautiful (your name), you can do hard things.”
  2. When your mind is heavy, lift your spirit in prayer.
  3. Write the hardest part of your day on a piece of paper. Read it. Learn from it. Move on.
  4. Breathe from the bottom of your belly, fill your lungs and slowly release. Repeat.
  5. Give yourself permission to fail, quit and say no.
  6. Let go of the toxic. If it does not challenge, fulfill, inspire or support you, do you need it?
  7. Find online yoga poses for relaxation before bed.
  8. Have a guru. It’s important to have someone in your life to emulate.
  9. Tune in to personal growth. Listen to podcasts that motivate or educate.
  10. Keep a vision board. Never lose sight of your life’s goals.
  11. Ask for help.
  12. Put today to bed. Tomorrow is a fresh start.

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2 Kind Acts Completed


9 Kind Acts Completed

Life is trying 😷

Paula Baughman
12 Kind Acts Completed

Thank You, what a great reminder to take care of ourself.

14 Kind Acts Completed

Thank you for the insights and reminders

3 Kind Acts Completed

Prana(breathe) , yoga, daily meditation
Gratitude , acknowledgment of ego that holds on to things giving yourself permission to feel , good and not so good and release. Step aside to let the light of greater knowledge (god, spirit or what you believe is your higher power)in to receive the gift and reveal your soul.
Empathy ,compassion kindness and love> resentment, ego, anger and arrogance.
Sending positive energy and thoughts for universal truth. God bless

8 Kind Acts Completed

I have been watching Christian movies that are encouraging and uplifting. I know God is still in control. I am also doing spring cleaning and getting bags ready to donate. I also am sending lots of cards and letters to love and encourage others. We all need this and lots of prayers.

2 Kind Acts Completed

Visited with a senior for 20 min. On the phone

1 Kind Act Completed

I have reached out to my 90 year old neighbor and put Easter goodies in her front porch

31 Kind Acts Completed

We watched our Easter church service on line yesterday. The hardest part of this quarantine is not being able to worship with our friends and church family, most of whom are older members. I called and texted several, just to check in on them and it lifted my spirits.

0 Kind Acts Completed

Don’t continue to watch the news all day long turn away something that’s going to give you a little inspiration and laughter

5 Kind Acts Completed

I renewed myself by thanking my God that I am able to have a job and to be around the Clients who truly trusted in me and able to perform well and most of all that my God gives me the strength to be able to go to work, “”this is how I renew my soul when times gets rough on any of my jobs. “”Amen To Caring for the Elderly . Thank you Lord.

Linda Pierson
0 Kind Acts Completed

Don’t understand

27 Kind Acts Completed

Thank you for this. It’s a wonderful reminder and something I will hold on to. This, too, shall pass.

Nonalyn Belda
1 Kind Act Completed

Thanks Diana!

1 Kind Act Completed

Felt like this was written just for me. Thank you

Nancy Cooksey
54 Kind Acts Completed

I started journaling a couple of months ago and that has helped tremendously! Music helps my spirit and of course, prayer tops my list!! I don’t know what I would do without my faith!

Wm,wade Running Crane
3 Kind Acts Completed

I’m a C.N.A.💓😎👍🎯

0 Kind Acts Completed

All food care handlers need to be tested for covid 19

0 Kind Acts Completed

Rather than watching the news all day turn to the cartoons. Watch the program you’ve never watched before

1 Kind Act Completed

Thank You very much for sending me this quiz to fill out.

1 Kind Act Completed

I’m a Christian and I love Jesus

11 Kind Acts Completed

Thank you, great reminders. You’re right, God’s got this and is in control!

1 Kind Act Completed

The first way that I might show that I care is to suggest that people should read only the king James Bible It’s the easeast one to understand .

1 Kind Act Completed

Sweet idea keep it up

0 Kind Acts Completed

I mopped the kitchen floor in my sister house and did general cleaning for her.

36 Kind Acts Completed

Thank you for reminding me to take care of myself also as a caregiver.

36 Kind Acts Completed

Thank you for reminding me to take care of myself

0 Kind Acts Completed

I said hi to a senior citizen and I made the senior smile

1 Kind Act Completed

As I walked today Amadeus sure to smile. Wave and say hi to each senior that I passed. It made my day brighter spreading 🌞

1 Kind Act Completed

As I walked today I made sure to smile, wave and say hi to each senior that I passed. It made my day brighter spreading 🌞

4 Kind Acts Completed

To whom may concern,
I would like to know what will be the best way to apply for a job with this company , I did this kind of sometime for 20 years in private home till they died. If anyone get to read this message ,I would like to get respond.Sincerely,Fred M.

3 Kind Acts Completed

Thank you for the reminder to be good to yourself too!

0 Kind Acts Completed

I try every day to bring a smile to someone’s face . Just a kind word or gesture ,could change a person’s life.

Lynda Gail
11 Kind Acts Completed

I do not know if I completed this or not in that I do not need yoga positions or a guru, but I do need God and humbly pray for His peace & strength in the midst of this chaos on planet earth. As I seek His wisdom & peace, I sleep well – when I seek other things, there is no peace or good sleep. Most of the things are part of my daily life, but if need all of these, I did not complete it & never will.

2 Kind Acts Completed

Accomplishing what you want to do in life and do the goals that you want to do in life.

2 Kind Acts Completed

And all you have to do is to have faith and pray every day that you going to make it do what you want to doing life.

9 Kind Acts Completed

I renew my spirit daily by Praying, reading my Bible and playing my favorite Gospel songs.