Remember a Favorite Pet

Household pets are often a part of our lives that never leave – even years after they pass. This week, connect with a senior over their favorite pet and drum up great memories they made with their loyal companion.
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Maybe it was Rocky — the wailing hound. Or Ceci — the fly-eating cat. Every person has a story or two about their favorite pet doing the most spectacular things – or at least spectacular in their owner’s eyes.

And besides their unique personalities and loyalty that we all love, pets have been shown to bring numerous health benefits to their owners – particularly to older adults.

This week, take a trip down memory lane with a senior and get them to share their favorite moments with their favorite pet. You may need a few tissues, but we guarantee you’ll both be basking in the heart-felt and happy nostalgia.

What was your favorite pet growing up or as an adult? Let us know in the comments or tag us on social media @imreadytocare with a picture of your good boy or girl.

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1 Kind Act Completed

i ate her ass 😌

Nancy Lopez
2 Kind Acts Completed

I went to a senior house , fed her dogs and took them for a walk and gave them a bath

3 Kind Acts Completed

Took 3 seniors to church and then had them for lunch at my house.

0 Kind Acts Completed

My dog went out dacshound and got surrounded buy raccoons that chased her. My older dacshound came running into house so worried about her sister. She barked and kept running to get me outsides. I went with her and chased them off. So sweet!

Julianita Anaya
0 Kind Acts Completed

I take care of seniors I love seeing their faces every morning & seeing them welcome me & telling me they miss me & love that I’m here to assist them I love my job! I love what I do & my family seeing them happy makes me happy 😃

5 Kind Acts Completed

Today I went to the food bank got five bags of food to give to senior citizens where I live that need it also checked on my friends cat while she was out of town make sure they had food and water and I like feeding cats and dogs that don’t have anybody to take care of them

48 Kind Acts Completed

I am a care giver for my mom and over the years we have had a lot of pets. My mom’s favorite pet was a small dog named ,Poochie. Poochie was very energetic and kept my mom on her toes. They would go on walks together and she even taught him how to shake hands. He was a wonderful dog.

3 Kind Acts Completed

I helped an elderly person unload their groceries in their car and then put their cart away at Meijer’s for them.

3 Kind Acts Completed

I also made dinner for our neighbor who is 95 this weekend and had him join us at our home.

6 Kind Acts Completed

I did pet sitting for a senior for her cats in her home while she went to the doctor

1 Kind Act Completed

The pet I have now is my rescue dog Huey. He is a poodle mix. When I first got him he was about 22 pounds. He is getting much older & slowing down. He is now 14.4 pounds but eat, drinks sleeps, poo poo, & pee pees. He is still a happy boy. Our furbaby son. John & I don’t have children.
Huey is and has been a fabulous dog. Smart, loving, and a wonderful addition to our family.
We rescued him and he rescued us.

1 Kind Act Completed

My senior, ironically, Mary’s favorite pet is her beautiful cat Scarlett!!

6 Kind Acts Completed

I asked an elderly friend about her favorite pet. She said it was her dog Fritz.

2 Kind Acts Completed

My favorite moment with my pet gypsy is when she would follow me everywhere and she would sit on both legs and beg it was called sitting pretty. I miss gypsy everyday and she’ll meet me in a sunflower of her choice when I die. I miss you gypsy. I can’t wait to see you again.

3 Kind Acts Completed

I asked my 66 year old gentleman friend about his old cat & I talked about my cats & other pets that I had growing up

1 Kind Act Completed

I wanted to share my pet story with a senior as a letter, but don’t know how to do that.

3 Kind Acts Completed

I helped him take his dogs out and even got to throw the ball a little bit

3 Kind Acts Completed

I’m at a doctors appt and struck up a conversation with an elderly individual. It made her day she said and warmed my heart to hear about her service amimal. She was the absolute sweetest and we had matching canes (I’m only 45, but disabled).

3 Kind Acts Completed

Unfortunately, both sets of my grandparents are deceased. Both of my grandfather’s passed in my parent’s childhood. I have many elderly friends tho and check up on them daily.

2 Kind Acts Completed

I helped my friend with CP rearrange 2 bedrooms, go through several boxes to declutter and clean.

Lorelei Lozada
2 Kind Acts Completed

I said, hi to one of the oldies i passed by at shopper’s drugmart…

10 Kind Acts Completed

This pet was from childhood more like their guard and assistant.

138 Kind Acts Completed

My favorite pet was my parakeet that would sing all day. I loved to buy treats for my parakeet.

4 Kind Acts Completed

Late I night I was on my way to the sooner store.i noticed a black cat following me ,it was my senior neighbor cat.i guess the cat was hungry as it rubbed on my I bought a can of cat food and fed it and also gave it some bottled water.