Prep for Winter

Jack Frost is knocking on our doors. Help a senior neighbor or friend prepare for the upcoming winter season.

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The Facts: According to the 2015 United States of Aging Survey, 75% of those surveyed intend to live in their current home for the rest of their lives. At the same time, less than half of those over 60 surveyed said they were “very prepared” to age. As seniors age in place, they may find they need help with some chores around the house, such as fall clean up or preparing their home for winter.

Here are five ways you can help a senior neighbor or relative prepare for the season:

  1. Help rake leaves in the yard
  2. Install weather stripping or a door sweep
  3. Prepare a winter emergency kit for their car
  4. Make sure furniture isn’t blocking indoor heating vents
  5. Take a senior to get their flu shot

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36 Kind Acts Completed

Took my senior for her flu shot.

14 Kind Acts Completed

I took a senior to get their flu shot!

2 Kind Acts Completed

In Condo’s here and in Florida but it’s a good point about the weather strippping. I’m one of the younger ones here in my community, I love giving a hand ..

Lenore A Daw
15 Kind Acts Completed

All good ideas.

Linda Schmitz
2 Kind Acts Completed

Clean up and raking neighbor

1 Kind Act Completed

I guess I’m the Senior but I love it helping other Seniors, giving tem a ride somewhere, doctors, groceries stores etc, can’t do alots of manual labor,but can’t help other ways

14 Kind Acts Completed

I made sure all my clients windows were closed and locked and I put window drafters in her all her windows. She is in an assisting living place. I clean another client’s garage from all the leaves that have blown in.

20 Kind Acts Completed

Ask if they have someone that stays connected to them regularly.

Nancy Cooksey
54 Kind Acts Completed

I helped with yard work and putting patio furniture away in storage at our home. After an early snow this past weekend I relieved the trees and shrub from the wet, heavy snow! Since my husband’s recent diognosis of cancer we are adjusting to more doctor/chemo appointments and making sure all the meds get taken daily!

20 Kind Acts Completed

Flu shot

20 Kind Acts Completed

I helped a senior and she taught me how to stock homemade pre-made meals for the winter.