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When it's beyond you, give it to God. These are 3 prayers you can offer for a friend or relative anytime, anywhere.
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Do you have a friend who is waiting for test results? Maybe you live far away from a sick relative? When someone’s struggle is beyond your ability to control or alleviate with an action, offering a prayer or sending positive vibes is a good way to show how much you care.

This week, if you know someone who could use a lift in spirit, take a moment to say a simple prayer. It can be personal and free flowing, but if you need help getting started, here are 3 simple prayers you can say anytime, anywhere:

A prayer for healing: Dear Lord, I ask you to watch over __________ and heal his/her suffering and pain. Amen.

A prayer during tough times: Dear Lord, in this time of uncertainty, I ask for your guidance and peace in ________’s life. May he/she be wrapped in your love and feel comforted. Amen.

A prayer for help: Dear Lord, I ask you to help ___________. Pour out your strength and sustaining love so that ___________ may overcome the challenges of the day. Amen.

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2 Kind Acts Completed

This came at a great time for me.

2 Kind Acts Completed

Praying for spiritual strength and healing throughout the land and for mental health God is our healer and strength whatever it is give it to God and he will see you through Amen ???

hawa janneh
1 Kind Act Completed

May god bless all the people in world

2 Kind Acts Completed

This is a very timely care mission. I have a family friend living out of state having major surgery today.
I do offer up my prayers to God but it’s nice to have these ideas for wording that can be used.
Thank you so very much

hawa janneh
1 Kind Act Completed

May you recovery an have good health an blessing

3 Kind Acts Completed

These are the type of prayers I send Him daily for those I come in contact with who ever He sends in my path

1 Kind Act Completed

Love it …God Is Good !!

2 Kind Acts Completed

I had a family member dying and I prayed a prayer of peace and joy just knowing he didn’t have to suffer or go through death along that Jesus was right there holding his hands

5 Kind Acts Completed

I Think this is wonderful I love to pray for people and I know God answers and he’s more than willing to answer because he loves us thank you for this privilege! God bless!

2 Kind Acts Completed

Love this prayers always feel and help so much

0 Kind Acts Completed

Praying for spiritual strength, encouragement, and for those who might be suffering through illnesses. I’d also want to thank those that have prayed for me. And to thank God our creator. Amen.

3 Kind Acts Completed

My elderly Mom will soon travel to England to visit her brother. This is the last time she’ll see him.
I ask the Lord to protect my Mom as she travels and is away from home.

12 Kind Acts Completed

Sent prayers as texts to those who could receive, as a way of letting them know I care today.

1 Kind Act Completed

Praying for spiritual strength for my daughter and her husband to accept the call of Care Pastors at our church! They are needed and wanted.

2 Kind Acts Completed

It’s as if you read my mind while i was struggling to find the words to pray for a loved one…

50 Kind Acts Completed

I just prayed each one of these prayers for all the seniors that I once took care of, and still check on weekly to make sure that they are doing well in the absence of my personal presence in their physical lives… I prayed all 3 prayers in a specific way for each one of them after I spoke to them today to see what their challenges were currently. I also told them before I hung up with them that I was going to be praying for them for all of these challenges they felt. And that these challenges would soon be taken care of by God, who always answers my prayers, and for them to know it’s all going to be okay now, and to have full faith In that! We all shared an “Amen to that” together. I will continue to do this every week when I call each one of them… Thank you for the idea to do this with them! ?❤️ Julie

32 Kind Acts Completed

These prayers were an answer to a prayer! My pastor has been in the hospital for a week, my sister-in-law just had surgery and several church members have been sick, so these were perfect for cards I’l mail out tomorrow.

1 Kind Act Completed

I am so happy that God has allowed me to come across this website I pray today for all.peoples and especially those of us that is making a difference in today’s world with all the sickness and trials we God continue to be our hope in.a beautiful world of compassionate people that God bring healing to whenever is our battles

4 Kind Acts Completed

Remember to be patient after saying your prayer. I am still waiting.

4 Kind Acts Completed

If we put the worship of God first in life, we can be sure that our petitions for material needs, such as food and clothing, will be favorably heard. Jesus said: “Keep on . . . seeking first the kingdom and [God’s] righteousness, and all these other things will be added to you.”

2 Kind Acts Completed

My lovely daughter Emmita passed away Christmas Day!! She was left in a vegetable state,after a massive stroke ? I feel bitter,sad,and betrayed, because she was a such a caring soul! My heart ? is broken,and I feel like a dazed and confused person,ever since her death!! I will ask God to help me restore my faith, love and understanding of this tragic situation!!! Please…pray for me if you can,so I can go on with my life!! In Jesus ? Christ,Amen

Marva shields
2 Kind Acts Completed

I prayed for several people that. Need Divine healing . In the spiritual realm, physical realm, emtiinal realm an financial realm. God says in Jeremiah 32:27. Behold IAM the Lord God of all flesh is there anything to hard for me? No. There is nothing to hard for God in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I pray for all the sick, hurting abused used mistreated. Talked about, lied on.the fearful ,down cast. Father Jehovah God.prove to them how you care for them an that you can heal cure deliver. An provide for rhem. In the name of our Savior an Lord Jesus Christ your only begotten son. An for His name sake.. Amen thank you in advance for all those in need of your power now…. To give them hope an faith in you…

3 Kind Acts Completed

The Lord ask us to pray for others. He is the strength. He hears our prayers. Thank you God for prayers. They are our comfort. In Jesus Name. Amen

15 Kind Acts Completed

I have several Elderly friends and neighbors, Dealing with the loss of loved ones this New Year…I’ve been Praying for their family to have strength through this difficult time…And to Trust that the Lord will see them through!

Thoy Kelly Jr.
6 Kind Acts Completed

I have prayed for the body of CHRIST ) June Penny Margaret Thoy JIMMY Diane Milton Raymond Sharon DOROTHY and my MOM lsa lee GREEN ) ( Pastor Ladylove his FAMILY Koala V.Hunters my CHURCH FAMILY loves in Beaumont Louisiana Houston Port Arthur Dr.Pecther

Eloise Mallory
1 Kind Act Completed

Praying time..think you holy spirit for you unconditional love..may you hear my cry..for the names spoken for healing..and the struggle …we face everyday. Thank you for loving us. Amen

17 Kind Acts Completed

I pray that the clients i care for have some time in healing what ever is alling them and that they get some comfort in the pain they are in. I do this 3 times a day and feel so good when i show up they are there to greet me

1 Kind Act Completed

Pray for me 67 years old I am on kidney dialysis I need healing or kidney transplant my name is Mr Fine Folau live in Euless Texas
Thank you

2 Kind Acts Completed

It is such a blessing to pray for God’s grace and truth that Christ has provided. It is certainly a privilege.

Nancy Cooksey
54 Kind Acts Completed

I truly believe in prayer! I pray daily for friends and family to be relieved of pain, healed or have lost a loved one! I pray for protection from all the daily evils in this world today and trust God will take care of me and my family! I believe in the power of prayer!

8 Kind Acts Completed

Prayers not only for individuals but our troops serving our country.

2 Kind Acts Completed

Praying for Judy at the grocery storr! Haven’t seen her lately!

Ben Pratt
1 Kind Act Completed

I sent a text message to my Uncle Charles who lives in a retirement community 800 miles away, a morning hello, and a prayer request.

2 Kind Acts Completed

i prayed for my friend Jessie who
is being prepared for a liver transplant at UAB; Bham
requesting prayer for her through
all of Believers to pray for her !
She will remain in hos. up to 2 mos . after surgery! This is huge! but with god and prayers its easier! I HAVE THE FAITH IN HIM

1 Kind Act Completed

I have two older friends experiencing eye problems that will lead to blindness. I pray often for them.

12 Kind Acts Completed

Dear Lord,
Please watch over those who are homeless, hungry and alone. Please guide their steps and show them that the pathways of life and light are in you. In Jesus’ Name I Pray Amen.

2 Kind Acts Completed

Said hi to an elderly lady sitting alone having coffee. Led to conversation for her while having coffee.

Nita Fitzpatrick
1 Kind Act Completed

To all sentient beings that’s experiencing physical, emotional. Spiritual pain that they may received guidance, comfort, compassion and care. Our God, your the most powerful yet kindest of all, wrap them with your Warm great love. Amen.

Janyce Emery
3 Kind Acts Completed

I prayed for my dads hip and knees, he was really in pain this morning.

2 Kind Acts Completed

My Aunt in NC passed on January 2. I prayed for the family and asked God to comfort them in this difficult time.

0 Kind Acts Completed

I treat everyone I come in contact with, a smile and light conversation.

Anika Oliver
4 Kind Acts Completed

Praying for the warmth of those who with no one assist with their ability to move.??

3 Kind Acts Completed

Me my mom and granddaughter pray together every night before bed. We pray for the world and peace. We pray for protection from all harm.

9 Kind Acts Completed

I pray for all my clients, people I don’t know on my Facebook who is having problems, and people I randomly meet I pray

1 Kind Act Completed

Prayers are the language that angels speak. I know they hear prayers and then on our behalf they whisper them to God. May the glory and grace of God bless you all.

Lynda Gail
11 Kind Acts Completed

I pray for a number of people & friends & their parents they are caring regularly. I am full time caregiver of my 93 year old Mother – praying & seeking God’s wisdom, her peace, comfort, & healing, & a guard over my thoughts , words, and actions as I want to respond only in His love & honor her not respond to the influences of the world, the flesh, or the devil. This is a hard season, but I am blessed to be with her in her home as long as possible.

0 Kind Acts Completed

I just found this website and it is just what I need. I feel good about it and I feel God has led me here. I will soon comp!ete my first mission. I want to say extra prayers for Terry who lost her day Emmita and for the family of Kobe Bryant. I have one child and I can’t imagine the pain of losing your child.

Elsie Manning
2 Kind Acts Completed

I am a senior who has been and is truly blessed. I am still able to care for myself, to drive to the nursing facility to see my Mom and take care of clothes and see the smile on her face each time she sees me. There are other seniors in my church I call to say hello and encourage them as much as I can. O have been so pleased to see the overwhelming care and concern that has been shown to us during this pandemic and very thankful to be blessed to live and observe the true reason that GOD himself is making us Great again. His love and compassion is so evident in times like these. Praise His Holy Name. Amen 💓❤💚💜💙💛💖