Plan a Mother’s Day Surprise

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Whether your Mom or mother figure is near or far, make this Mother’s Day extra special by planning a surprise activity for her. Maybe collaborate with family members to plan an in-person or drive-by event to celebrate your Mom. Or plan a coordinated virtual celebration that includes family, friends, neighbors – anyone who wants to honor Mom on her special day.

Taking the time to set up something special shows any mother or mother figure how much she’s loved. Need some ideas? Try these to spark your imagination:

  • Wave signs with messages of love outside Mom’s window
  • Decorate your car with balloons and streamers for a neighborhood Mother’s Day parade
  • Set up a video meeting with a long-lost relative or friend of your mother’s
  • Share a video of the grandchildren or great-grandchildren expressing their love and affection
  • Make and share a scrapbook of your childhood memories with Mom
  • Have a gourmet meal delivered to both of your houses, and then “dine together” via video call

How will you celebrate Mom this year?

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I’m planning to have dinner delivered to my mom on mother’s day.

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I’m not near my mom; but I always send her a favorite gift card and scratch off lottery tickets. She loves her scratch offs! Lol I’ll be taking a neighbor to lunch and to get her hair done. Sadly she has outlived her children. I hope to make her day a bit less depressing.

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I’m calling my mom on the west coast, like I’ve done for the last decade.

1 Kind Act Completed

My mom passed away due to COVID last Sunday morning.I will arrange a virtual prayers for her with her loved ones , will share her memories on that day .

1 Kind Act Completed

My mom is in heaven but I will defiantly visit the graveyard and bring some beautiful the best mom in the world…

9 Kind Acts Completed

I am taking my daughter-in-law and step-daughter and great niece to lunch Sunday at Crackerbarrel for a special meal. I am making hand made gifts for the mothers. Don’t want to give away the surprise now.

Carlisa Hoover
3 Kind Acts Completed

I made dinner for my mother and bought her two new plants for mothers eay and also cleaned the house!!!!!

1 Kind Act Completed

I plan a mothers day card to one of my elderly friends and take her the card and take her a flower or baloon

2 Kind Acts Completed

I’m planning to have dinner delivered to both my mother and my grandmother as well as having flowers delivered❤️

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I have old mom she 96 I am not near her , she liked talking to me on the phone I make her feel free

Christina lily
3 Kind Acts Completed

Planning to send my mom flowers on mother’s Day 🌹🌹

1 Kind Act Completed

I ordered my mom this really sweet canvas painting with a message thanking her for everything and letting her know I’m always going to need her no matter how far away I am.

4 Kind Acts Completed

I bought a card for my mother plan some candy

2 Kind Acts Completed

I made goodie bags and flower bouquets for the female residents of Henley Place of Neosho . It is a residential care facility in our town