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Through everyday acts of kindness, education and compassion, together we can spread cheer throughout our world. It’s our wish that we can double our care efforts. Our world needs as much kindness as we can spare.

This week, complete any two acts of kindness of your choice and double your kindness impact.

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3 Kind Acts Completed

Resources for fall prevention
Food for people in need
Friendly chats with neighbor

1 Kind Act Completed

I gave 40.00 of food away
And I made 2 loads of banana bread gave them away

1 Kind Act Completed

I go to pantries on tuesdays and give it out to our neighbors across the street or next to them who is an elderly man in a wheelchair they both share it.

1 Kind Act Completed

Always checked on her how she is doing and bake chicken pot pie yesterday and shared to her 🙂

19 Kind Acts Completed

Took my mom out finally for the first time since covid restrictions eased at her assisted living and we had a good time . Also made sure she had her favorite snacks to take back with her .

1 Kind Act Completed

Ready to help any senior any time. Im available

3 Kind Acts Completed

On Friday, April 23, 2021, I attended a burial service for an elderly friend, visited a sick aunt, and also paid a short visit to to an elderly friend. Being immunized here in the state of New Mexico is making these things possible. Of course, we take the necessary precautions.

Cora Houghton
2 Kind Acts Completed

I cooked fora bunches of friends last weekend and gave Baklava sweets, and seeing their smile makes my day complete!

29 Kind Acts Completed

Went shopping for an elderly neighbor and delivered lunch and had good conversation with another.

2 Kind Acts Completed

Picked flowers from my yard and delivered to senior who lives alone.
Friendly visit (masked of course) and both of us are vaccinated.
Walked a senior friend’s cute dog – she is no longer able to.

1 Kind Act Completed

There was an old granpa the other day asking for some coins at hurdman station, i was teary eyed and felt so blessed that i could just share 5bucks from my 4hours part time payment.

1 Kind Act Completed

I go to my moms house every morning and check up on her cook her breakfast and I go to work then when I get off work I go over cook dinner we sit and eat and I clean up then we talk then I go home 😏

Cathy Steed
0 Kind Acts Completed

Within my Senior Community. I help Feed the cat’s outside. The kitten’s are rescued. The male’s are being slowly trapped & the females are being fixed, receiving rabies shots and annual shot. Yhen returned to our Communities. The Young Senior’s enjoy watching the cat’s rest safely and enjoy their watching the cat’s play time with one another including chasing one another. I enjoy speaking with the Senior’s forvthey so love the Cat Communities.

2 Kind Acts Completed

I wrote a letter

Terrell Davis
0 Kind Acts Completed

I’ve been a care provider 38 years of care for many people and I often go the extra mile to make sure the day had a memo more experience this pandemic has taken a toll everything I currently still have one client now he is leaving to get a Covid vaccine we’re waiting for the Johnsons one shot waxing on to make its way to help in the meantime I’m extremely grateful that I have this client left because I’ve learned a lot about his life at least taught me a lot about living so it’s a bit I am valuable experience and only wish that we could all spend quality time with older people to not only picked a brain but also to let them know how much they were appreciated and loved during that time here on earthGlory to God

Terrell Davis
0 Kind Acts Completed

Excellent care provider can you get Wonderful job because you could experience at the end of it for you caring for just your stories with the sound mind

Jim R. Duenas
2 Kind Acts Completed

I have given time for there company so they won’t feel alone,here them out, taken them to appt. do light cleaning,washing,pick up there lunch!!!!

2 Kind Acts Completed

Helping a senior shop for her grocery

8 Kind Acts Completed

I recently brought my client his favorite dessert which he was so amazed by the surprise and second, I helped him figure out how to make the mouse on the computer enlarged so that he could see where it is, he was amazed by that as well, it also made me feel good.

8 Kind Acts Completed

I conversated with a senior and paid & fed another.

1 Kind Act Completed

Called a senior and had a gifts delivered to her. It felt great!

7 Kind Acts Completed

Just love giving! Ways someone in need!

5 Kind Acts Completed

I help a blind neighbor read her mail and order items she needs online. Also drive her where she needs to go.

9 Kind Acts Completed

Helping my niece get to school, tutoring, and caring for her pet everyday. Feeding her and making sure she has her needs met!

1 Kind Act Completed

I tell them about Jesus i show them Jesus John 3 verse 16

1 Kind Act Completed

Hi, me and my family donated money for oxygen requirement to several organizations that’s been required in India. Really praying that everyone gets better and This covid ends.

1 Kind Act Completed

I been cooking meals for my mother got her some groceries. My sister inlaws come s and help out. We are a team for her.

1 Kind Act Completed

I just wanted to say to our seniors that it might be difficult at times even to get from point A to point B, but don’t forget! God is in control, as He said in (Psalms 46:1) He is our refuge and strength a very present help in times of trouble! (Ps. 71:3-9)! These few words are my thoughts towards my seniors friends! Blessings 🙏🙏🙏😇

1 Kind Act Completed

Coming together every Tuesdays at 11:am with other senior members online to have fellowship and worship, and praying, and teaching the word of God. Anyone who wishes to join us, here’s the contact info: (647-360-4694) you will ask to log in to the meeting ID: 873237523#, due to the Covid 19, we cannot meet together, I hope this info was helpful thanks!

1 Kind Act Completed

I gave food to one senior and gift to another

1 Kind Act Completed

I gave food to one senior and gift to another today

8 Kind Acts Completed

I asissted my elderly neighbor plant flowers., I donated clothes to womens shelter!

1 Kind Act Completed

Prepared and delivered meals to an elderly person
Visited with and elderly person the phone and in person.

2 Kind Acts Completed

I want to a food pantry and picked up 3 households of food to give to my neighbors.

1 Kind Act Completed

I cleaned my friends house who is 89 yr old, no payment involved

4 Kind Acts Completed

Like to talk to all kind of specially when they are retired,and are lonely, specially when they speak another language,besides English,also speak Spanish,some Portuguese, Italian,and some French,I use that challenge when I work at the Convention, or some other hotels. I like music,and I sing,and love to dance, I just to teach,ball room dance.