Make a Senior’s Day Today

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Today’s mission: Reach out to an older adult to check in with them, share a meal, express your love and concern, help them with a task – or perform any random act of kindness of your choice to make their day. Your gesture will surprise and delight the recipient – and let them know they’re cared about. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Show up with rakes and clean up the front yard
  • Call when you’re at the grocery store and ask if you can pick something up for them
  • Drop a few blooming flowerpots on the doorstep
  • Show up unexpectedly to take their car for service or a wash and detail
  • Buy coffee for a senior behind you in line

What act of kindness will you do?

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19 Kind Acts Completed

I got my mom and I cute matching pink tee shirts for Mothers Day …unfortunately I wasn’t able to see her in person so gifting them will have to wait ….so I had a balloon sent to her instead so she would know I was thinking of her …and when I see her soon I will prepare her favorite meal …tuna and pasta : )

4 Kind Acts Completed

Groceries for helping Jacqueline Fox

33 Kind Acts Completed

I was outside doing some yardwork in the front yard. There are two huge trees in my front yard and many people admire them while walking by. I noticed this older woman bending down picking something up and I asked her if she needed help. So I helped her pick up some pinecones, which she likes, and put them in a little bag for her. I told her anytime she’d like more I would deliver them to her.

4 Kind Acts Completed

I dropped of flowers for three seniors in my moms building that don’t have family

8 Kind Acts Completed

I bought my elderly widowed neighbor groceries and had hubby now her lawn!!!

8 Kind Acts Completed

I help a senior by talking to her about things like we were young and how much things has changed.we exchange stories about our families .she was a sweet lady .I told we will keep in touch.

1 Kind Act Completed

Share and care. I had a major weight loss. New clothes that didn’t fit me I gave to my Friend Aida

1 Kind Act Completed

Helped with filling Miss Pat’s medicine

11 Kind Acts Completed

We are in different states so I cannot show up at her home. She has been very down lately with many family issues. I call her and check on her and try to encourage her to take care of herself. She prays for me in return. We love our friendship.

1 Kind Act Completed

I dropped off flowers to some of my senior clients/friends.

2 Kind Acts Completed

I am a senior and I’m going skydiving tomorrow!! Praise the lord!!

Carlisa Hoover
3 Kind Acts Completed

I called to check on my grandma and to make sure her day was going smoothly and i told her i loved her and that I would see her tomorrow to clean her bedroom and make her bed…..

1 Kind Act Completed

Went to Aldi and was returning my cart. Asked a couple of people and they said no. I didn’t want the quarter back for the cart. Then I saw her. A woman with both legs amputated in a wheel chair holding up a quarter. People without carts passed by her. No one acknowledged her. We met eyes. No words. I pointed to my cart and she nodded yes. She offered me her quarter and I softly said no. I told her I would take the cart inside for her. I did and parked it to give her and her chair space to get in. Had I not been riding with someone else, I would have become her personal shopper.

My heart hurt and smiled at the same time. Here she was independently shopping. I don’t know how far she traveled. I remember seeing her come down the sidewalk but I thought someone was with her. My heart was filled with respect for this stranger.

But my heart ached too for those able bodied people who are so ready to say what they can’t do because they can’t walk, don’t have a car, don’t want to use public transportation. All those dumb and ungrateful excuses for doing nothing. I got angry at myself for I have used I can’t as excuses before. I made a promise right there in that parking lot I will never use those words again as excuses to do nothing.

I told God that and included this woman, as well as thanking her for making me see how blessed I am and how inspirational she is. I just hate I didn’t get her name. But, I will never forget her face.

3 Kind Acts Completed

I offered to help an Elderly lady with taking out her trash out her car.

3 Kind Acts Completed

I sent out Mother’s Day cards to all the elderly women that I know for Mother’s Day.

2 Kind Acts Completed

I helped a lady with her trash and grass

1 Kind Act Completed

I went to a clients home today and helped with laundry, dishes and other common areas

1 Kind Act Completed

Hi but for plants on clearance at Walmart and I was eating at a restaurant and I see the senior leaving and I took them a plant and give them a plant and then I Went to some senior apartments and just randomly handed them out to Seniors Setting On their frontporch