Let a Senior Go Ahead in Line

Holiday shopping? Let a senior go ahead of you in the checkout line.

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Does waiting in line drive you crazy? Well, we’re asking you to wait just a little bit longer this holiday season. Because after all, patience is a virtue.

This shopping season, let a senior go ahead of you in line. Why? Because it’s nice and you can spread just a little bit of kindness by letting someone go ahead of you.

Here’s how you can pass the minutes while you’re giving someone the gift of time:

  1. Catch up on your to-do list.

  2. Get “in-the-moment” and be mindful about how you’re feeling.

  3. Think of more ways you can help others during the holiday season.

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42 seniors have been helped with this kind act.

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0 Kind Acts Completed

Took milk to my senior friend. Will pick up their prescriptions tomorrow.

5 Kind Acts Completed

Always let them go before because I have been there!
Loving ? people is my business!!!

9 Kind Acts Completed

I always make a habit of doing that

3 Kind Acts Completed

I’ve loved being with the Seniors I’ve chatted with during this act of kindness. It’s allowed me to spark up conversation. Receive wisdom. Receive and give smiles. Be intentional in my thoughts. Show my 15 year old how to be serving and patient!!! Looking forward to continue this experiences. Even when I meet the goal!!

6 Kind Acts Completed

My wife and I “adopted” a senior for Christmas from Aging Solutions. We purchased items from our senior’s wish list and delivered them in a nice Christmas bag to the organization.

1 Kind Act Completed

Tried to let two seniors get ahead of me, but one declined!

Really felt good doing this!

4 Kind Acts Completed

Have gathered up pictures to send to my deceased friend’s husband.

1 Kind Act Completed

I have life long habit of doing that
Snezana ?

1 Kind Act Completed

This Sunday senior wanted dinner another plate of food, I got plate so she didn’t have to get in line

16 Kind Acts Completed

Also helped senior find car in busy, Walmart parking lot!

1 Kind Act Completed

I Wrote a thank you card to a friend.

Sandra vlasin
2 Kind Acts Completed

Crowded stores. Long lines. Some people just thanks, smile, but don’t want to take cuts. Training from school days I suppose. However I was finally successful.

Nancy Cooksey
54 Kind Acts Completed

I feel the best giving of time is to spend time with those who are lonely and need someone to talk to! I try to do this wherever I go, whether it be in the store, church or on the street! Time is precious, so share yours!!

17 Kind Acts Completed

I helped out a you teen ager that was with his friends while ordering food and asked him what he wanted and he relpyed that he didn’t have any money. So I reached in my wallet and gave the teen aged $5 and said here you go now you can eat. I said to repay me back do this same kindness to some one else when they are in need. Some one did the is for me and my family and I returned the repay. Total strangers do have kind hearts. I found this rewarding.

2 Kind Acts Completed

There Are many seniors in our community. I help seniors every day and I see how hard it is for them to shop! It’s hard for me to shop when it’s so busy! I’d like to let them in front of me because if they have a problem I see it and I can help!

1 Kind Act Completed

I sent an early Christmas card to my cousin in the nursing home. Also I went to visit a widow today. And I did let someone go ahead of Me at the dollar store. They were younger than I but they had an arm full.

1 Kind Act Completed

I went to visit a widow today. And I did let someone go ahead of Me at the dollar store. They were younger than I but they had an arm full.

31 Kind Acts Completed

On vacation and let a senior get in line ahead of me for the drink machine. She had never encountered a machine quite like this one, so got her soft drinks for her. Feels good to help someone else.

Rebecca Davila
0 Kind Acts Completed

Sent my grandmother a bouquet of flowers,showing how much I love her

0 Kind Acts Completed

I just called my 81 year old Mom and really spent time talking about how good the Lord has been to us. We reminisced about old times and had many whole hearted chuckles. I am so thankful that I called because not only did Mom enjoy our quality time together, I enjoyed it even more❤️

31 Kind Acts Completed

I hope the senior loads her groceries into her car

Ida Terry
1 Kind Act Completed

I work with seniors everyday and I love helping them and every way that I can.

1 Kind Act Completed

I open doors and always let Seniors go first! Been there done that.. I care for my senior parents. I know the struggle first hand!

1 Kind Act Completed

I always let seniors thru the door in or in line first. I care for my senior parents, I know the struggle first hand!

7 Kind Acts Completed

I et two seniors go ahead of me in a food store.

4 Kind Acts Completed

Yes, I do this to show honor.

13 Kind Acts Completed

I did this today. The line at the grocery store was crazy.

1 Kind Act Completed

I enjoy seniors by offering myself out to them with transportation and and conversation I am amazed at the big smiles and the thank yous I get… I lluv my smiles…