Help Make Doctor Visits Easier

Visiting the doctor is essential for staying in good health, you can help a senior by offering to schedule their next appointment.
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Over half of physician visits are made by or on behalf of a senior. Helping an older friend or relative through the process of going to the doctor can be a practical way to show that you care. Here are three ways you can help make doctors’ visits a lot easier:

  1. Be a motivator. When it comes to doctor’s visits, many of us follow the “if it’s not broken don’t fix it”. Seniors need that extra push just like anyone to get to the doctor.
  2. Scheduling help. Check in on a senior and find out when they last went to the doctor. If it’s been more than six months, offer to call and schedule it for them.
  3. Offer a ride. Getting to the doctor’s office isn’t always easy, offer to give them a ride to and from their appointment.
  4. Pick up medication. If the appointment results in a prescription pickup, offer to stop by their pharmacy to pick it up for them.

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Took my mother to the dr last week and took her shopping. We enjoyed our visit. She is a joy at 78 and we are blessed to have her.

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I took a neighbour for her flu shot! She was very thankful…then we stopped for a cuppa.🤩

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Scheduled a doctor’s visit to come over to my mom’s house for her check up. She’s 83 and can’t get around well. Then I cooked her lunch.

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I am planning on taking my friend to the hospital for a test today. She is 74 and doesn’t drive a car.