Help a Senior Spruce Up for Spring

Spread some sunshine! Tackle this spring checklist to help a senior prepare for the new season.
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Do you have a senior neighbor who still has holiday decorations on the porch? Take the hint and lend a hand! Seniors, especially those with mobility issues, may have difficulty cleaning. But with a little help from a friend or neighbor, tackling a small to-do list can inspire a fresh perspective and a sense of accomplishment.

This week help a senior spruce up for spring by completing 1 of these 5:

  • Check in: Call or video chat with a senior to see what they might need.
  • Donate: Offer to take a box of clothes or books to a donation center.
  • Add cheer: Spring is a time for blossoms! African violets are low maintenance indoor plants that can brighten a window ledge.
  • Plant it: Plant flowers outside for a senior to spruce up their yard.
  • Sweep: A simple sweep of the front porch or walkway can help freshen up the facade.

How will you help make someone’s spring a little brighter (and cleaner)?

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1 Kind Act Completed

Went out and bought Scott a plastic mat for under his kitchen sink. Cleared out some expired items. Cleaned it out.

0 Kind Acts Completed

I play cards with seniors every Wednesday

0 Kind Acts Completed

I play cards Wednesday’s with senior citizens.

10 Kind Acts Completed

I got some flowers for a lovely seniors.

0 Kind Acts Completed

I was at Publix & noticed an elderly couple attempting to scan their groceries ( with difficulty). I scanned their items, took them to their car & placed them where requested( the trunk & backseat). They were very grateful (& so was I for them allowing me to assist).

9 Kind Acts Completed

Good Day, I’ve checked in with my Mom whom is a Senior, I called her to see what she needed, Apparently, she needs and wants everything 😜but her request was granted.

Nancy Cooksey
54 Kind Acts Completed

Late reading this one, but with the pendemic virus out there no physical contact so maybe a phone call or note in the mail for a Senior! 💖

Garmai Flomo
1 Kind Act Completed

I walked with seniors everything Thursday

1 Kind Act Completed

Hello! I have a therapy dog unfortunately we can’t do therapy on site for now, until farther notice.

36 Kind Acts Completed

It’s getting hard to keep seeing and hearing bad things. Any good helps.🌻🌻

2 Kind Acts Completed

its to late to do anything now but will do something and ptob more than just one

2 Kind Acts Completed

I visited my senior who is 92 and took her shopping. I went for a walk with her and her dog.

Tina Kearney
1 Kind Act Completed

Helping others, makes me Happy 😊

9 Kind Acts Completed

My seniors and I started a herb garden of celery, chives, parsley, marjoram and cilantro.