Help a Senior Run an Errand

Many seniors have trouble taking care of tasks outside their home. This week, put a smile on someone’s face by offering to help run an errand.
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We may not think much about heading to the grocer after work or depositing a check at the bank down the street. But for many seniors with limited mobility or lack of transportation, it can undoubtedly be a challenge taking care of everyday errands they once, too, took for granted.

Before leaving the house this week, consider asking a senior neighbor or friend if you can run a common errand for them. You’d be surprised the difference you can make through a simple act of kindness.

Here are few errand suggestions that were completed by other Ready to Care® volunteers:    

 “Went shopping for an elderly neighbor and delivered lunch and had a good conversation with another.” – Marcia

“I help a blind neighbor read her mail and order items she needs online. Also drive her where she needs to go.” – Elizabeth

Let us know what errand you completed by leaving a comment.

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2 Kind Acts Completed

I elderly mother in law and her friend run errands

3 Kind Acts Completed

I have gone and have asked my neighbors if they need anything from the stores since I’m going to be out and having to do some shopping for myself

48 Kind Acts Completed

Recently a senior friend had trouble ordering something online. She got confused on how to do it. So, I helped her and showed her how. I told her if she ever needed help with anything just ask. I also brought her coffee the other day when I got mine.

2 Kind Acts Completed

I will help with everything

2 Kind Acts Completed

Mowing my 98 yr young neighbors yard

1 Kind Act Completed

I continue ur to send cards and notes to elderly, as well as prepare and deliver meals to elderly.

2 Kind Acts Completed

It has been horribly hot so I stayed up all night and cooked for a few of my elderly friends. I will be delivering lunch in about 2 hrs. I must admit I am an excellent cook. After all I DO taste it! I always take enough so they get 2 or 3 meals out of it.

3 Kind Acts Completed

I don’t think they is acting because I have mom that is sick to and she doesn’t pull on a aact and I not going to say that they not acting because I see a lot of people that can’t get around and yes I don’t this is a act

3 Kind Acts Completed

I donated $10 to the Alzheimer’s Association

2 Kind Acts Completed

It’s much easier if you can grab a few things for them. I’m not sure what to do, I feel guilty but my elderly neighbor is quite rude. I understand it sucks to be older. I have 2 young boys one with autism and a husband. She only wants to go out late at night my husband’s and mines only time together. She tells me to stop touching my face and the SMALLEST errand turns into 4 other places requested to go, even one errand like driving through for food literally can take 30 mins. She asks for a manager and trys to get free food. She wont get a phone or her car fixed. She doesn’t want to be around my children. She’s a real life germaphobe. Wiping down every single item before putting it in her basket. Obviously this makes me seem mean but it makes me seriously sad. For her and me away from family. I think many people are avoiding her. She made over 10 calls on my phone, no one answers and do not call my phone back. I wanna be a good person, bad. I’m concerned this is really affecting my mental health which I have issues with. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have tried to set boundaries but she’ll beg she’s out of water. Bottled water she gives to her dog. Idk. It’s alot. Wish I were a better person I suppose.

2 Kind Acts Completed

Massage my elder boss who runs a shelter for 58 disabled man and loves them all she is amazing

3 Kind Acts Completed

I do this kind at three times a week by shopping paying bills preparing meals and helping someone do their personal hygiene without pay I do it because it’s a kind act and everyone else needs to learn to take care of those that took care of us when we were small whether related or not

5 Kind Acts Completed

Helping all my family and friends

Avonelle Pinard
0 Kind Acts Completed

I have moved to London, Ontario. How can I get Involved?

1 Kind Act Completed

Did some gardening for a senior neighbor.

6 Kind Acts Completed

Picked up something off of the ground for an elderly neighbor

7 Kind Acts Completed

I took care of my 87 yr old mother and. Stayed with her at the hospital for 10 days and brought her coffee and meals for 2wks At the convalescent home. Clean her house and hit new carpet installed. And she broke her hip. She lives in New York and I live in California. I’m not sure this is an act of kindness I think of it more as a duty. I also went back to New York the second time when she fell and broke her back and ribs I stayed with her at the hospital Seven days and took her meals to the convalescent hospital for nine or 10 days came home for three days so back and stayed with her 27 days . And again is this an act of kindness or is my duty I think the latter. We don’t get along very well and I’m sure she did notSink that I was being kind But that I was doing my duty Although I have three brothers and two sisters that live in the same town as her. I’m not complaining just getting it off my chest I guess .May god bless you all and remember just because someone is on appreciative what does it look at some thing that you do it’s a kindness it doesn’t mean it isn’t. We all know when we’re being kindIf even we feel it’s our duty .may kindness be returned to you in tenfold

0 Kind Acts Completed

I helped my mom go pay bills

4 Kind Acts Completed

Asked my disabled neighbor if She needed anything from Walmart since I was already going. She gave me her list and said thank you because she would have had to wait an additional day to make the trip!