Help a Senior Find a Pet Connection

Many older adults find that pets provide companionship and love, reducing feelings of isolation and loneliness. Learn how you can help a senior connect with a pet, even if they don't have one.

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According to a study conducted by Home Instead, Inc., 82% of seniors surveyed reported the top benefit of owning a pet is “the company” or companionship it provides. While not all seniors are able to or want to have pets of their own, they still could benefit from pet interactions.

5 Tips to Help a Senior Make a Pet Connection

  1. Bring your well-behaved pet to visit a senior friend or relative.
  2. Visit the dog park together.
  3. Ask them to join you when you walk your dog.
  4. Go to an animal rescue with a senior and explore volunteer opportunities.
  5. Take this quiz for seniors together, “Who’s Your Pet Pal?”, to explore how your senior loved one can bring animal companionship into their life.

What will you do to help a senior make a pet connection this week?

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We brought our dog to my father-in-love’s care home to visit.

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My mom lost her pet a few years ago and sadly didn’t want another one but she has reconsidered and now have two baby kittens to occupy her time and space.

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Our kitties visit our senior neighbor. They seem to know when she’s outside and like to go over to be petted in and for treats

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My 2 poodles have been with me thru the death of my son with brain ? cancer, losing my ? house and my divorce. Beau and Tye are there names. Would love to share them with a senior. My name is Gwen

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Our seniors value their pets as much as themselves, it’s like the two are woven together. One senior was heard saying, “ My Dog comes first, I can’t separate from him”. This was said because somebody volunteered to keep her dog for sometime while giving her the full opportunity to focus on her recovery. Sometimes, it’s like an inseparable arrangement. It helps so much if we- the caregivers understand the depth of the woven relationship; it puts our work on a smooth path.

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I volunteered to go outside and play with my client’s dog when she could not do it and she was happy and relieved.

Edna Lee
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I don’t have a. Care Mission yet, but I have what I would consider to be a good idea for one. I feel rather than just feed the pets of a hospitalized senior, relocate the pets to my home for the duration of the senior’s stay.

Nancy Cooksey
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Would love to take our two year old pup to visit the elderly but I don’t think he fits the criteria of being “well behaved!” He is pretty hyper and can also be a lick master! I know care facilities welcome pets and youngsters to visit!

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As soon the old adults feel the sadness of the empty nest, or the lost of the partner the cold loneliness make presence in their lives and homes. Finding the companion and the unconditional love from a dog or cat will be the warm emotional compensation.

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I’m not to far off from being a senior myself,, so I differently want to help and be there to help.Everybody needs to have a purpose,and to to feel love.Having a pet can help with those needs.It also can help with exercise, and socializing..I have adopted my last two pets and I think it’s the best thing iv ever did.Thank you Happy pet day!!!

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My first mission was to say hello to seniors in my day this lead to conversations and was pleasant for myself as well. Also ran into a senior who was blind and walked he home from the store and as we walked she shared her story. I think it was far more enjoyable for me as I learned about her life.

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I’m sorry to say that I don’t know a lot of seniors and the one’s I try to connect with and help seem to not want my help… any suggestions? I do help seniors when I’m out shopping when the opportunity presents itself.