Have an Important Conversation

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From managing finances to the choice of living alone, there are many important topics that are often seen as taboo or too personal to address with a loved one.

But they don’t have to be. While the more difficult conversations are rarely easy to address, they are an essential part of adult life and ultimately make things better for both parties.

Here are some ways to make a hard conversation a success:

  1. Remove the Assumptions – While you may think you know how someone else is feeling, you should never assume anything. Let them tell you their perspective.
  2. Be Respectful – You may not like what you’re hearing, but that is no excuse to bulldoze a conversation. Showing respect is the best way to get to common ground.
  3. Use Examples – Be ready for this talk by backing up your points with clear and logical references.
  4. Be Honest – Don’t shy away from the meat of the issue, no matter how uncomfortable it may seem.
  5. Don’t Walk Away – Letting your emotions steer you to the door won’t help anyone in the situation. Stay calm and continue to talk it through.

Tell us about a time you had a difficult conversation with a positive outcome.

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2 Kind Acts Completed

My neighbour was outside shoveling on the weekend and I asked to finish it for her and she kindly accepted made me feel good helping her with this and she was happy also

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A smile and pleasant upbeat voice

5 Kind Acts Completed

I check on my elderly neighbours to see if they have garbage compost or recycling to go out to the bins.

They are always greatful. It is a good walk to where the enclosure is and some of them are not steady on their feet or have to drive their scooter

14 Kind Acts Completed

I call and ask my clients if they need anything or any time

18 Kind Acts Completed

I check on my senior friends and neighbors on a regular basis. I help them with chores and shopping.

28 Kind Acts Completed

I used to bulldoze, assume, and get pretty angry during difficult conversations when people would disagree with me online. After stepping away from social media, getting emotional regulation tools from a psychologist, and becoming a caregiver, I was able to see things with a more open mind. “People are hard to hate close up. Move in.”
-Brene Brown

10 Kind Acts Completed

My friend is elderly and we were talking and she said she didn’t know why God still left her here.My friend is 93.
I assured her she still had a purpose to encourage those of us who enjoy coming to see her and really enjoy her beautiful art work she does for us.
I told her I would miss those big hugs and love she gives us.

8 Kind Acts Completed

Check on them let them know you care.Do their shopping or take them with you.Suprise them with a gift .Let them know they’re never alone.Your women’s group from church could fellowship with here.

5 Kind Acts Completed

I buy special gifts for my elderly neighbors!

Patricia brown-knapton
1 Kind Act Completed

At grocery store and elderly woman couldnt reach an item on a shelf. So i saw her struggling and went down the aisle and got the item off the shelf for her. She was so thankful. It was my pleasure i told her.

0 Kind Acts Completed

I visit a resident and read the bible to her every chance i get ,she often says she enjoy that, because she cannot see the print any more..

49 Kind Acts Completed

I just had a dear elderly friend of mine go through a difficult conversation with her son over him taking her credit cards and not giving them back to her when she asked for him to return them to her… I felt her pain and confusion on why he would do something like that & I asked her (after he left of course) how she felt about what just happened? And she said that she was shocked and couldn’t understand why he would do such a thing to her! And then we talked through it and I gave her my take on it and then we came up with a good solution, but she needed to speak up quickly to him and address what just happened before he got too comfortable with his decision that was never discussed between the two of them before at all! And in the end, she got her cards back and he backed off of doing that ever again, especially without any discussion of it first with her! And now everyone is happy as it was taken care of right away, instead of lingering and festering inside her! Yay! ❤️💐🌈❤️

2 Kind Acts Completed

I was a good listener to several different aged adults. They had stories to tell about their lives. They we empowered while I listened, transformed with life, all because someone listened to
Their stories.

2 Kind Acts Completed

I helped my neighbor make her bed and took out her trash.

2 Kind Acts Completed

I went to see my mom and brought her many snacks she liked.

4 Kind Acts Completed

My act of kindness even though I never heard a thank you. My GOD, is my only witness, my Respect was that high for my parents. My mother was tired of hearing her niece crying, complaining that she couldn’t have any children. For the longest. My mother gave her my son a day after he was born. I was so confused & dumb-founded and very, very sad. To hear a quiet mouth talk. I have love for my children.

12 Kind Acts Completed

I have only two close older-than-me senior friends. (I am 71!). Mostly, phone calls discussing issues has been helpful. As humans, We sort and plan as we talk. It can be therapeutic and real-time helpful to help them firm and clarify thoughts out loud.

First LISTEN. Let them exhaust their thoughts, frustration, fear. Take notes. This shows sincere concern. It will help you as you move into possible action or not…

Ask questions to clarify any confusion.What resources are available— a relative -a son or daughter who lives close or far? Church pastor or friends. Get phone numbers .

Say a person/relative needs to stop driving, or get serious home help, or Meals on wheels or to move to assisted living or more.

Begin the thought process of pros and cons. Discuss and help those next steps to formulate in that persons mind.

Follow up with more conversations, and write a plan if action.

Bring in the responsible relative or church or social services person. Is there legal power of attorney in any of them??

Continue the written plan and keep an eye/ear out for follow up.

Speak into their lives as a son or daughter would. But be mindful of “family first”, and of your own capacity to attend these concerns.

God will lead you. Pray for wisdom and discernment. Don’t get over your head.

Pastors and church staff are educated for such issues. Ask for heavenly and real-time help. Social services also is equipped to intervene in extreme situations.

4 Kind Acts Completed

I moved to a nice condominium place, and there I met 5 elderly people. 3 women and 2 men. People always called me an old soul. We didn’t have a recreation space. So I invited them to dinner and a movie at my home. We had a good time.

18 Kind Acts Completed

I had an elderly friend who had been moved to a senior care facility with no forwarding address. It took a few calls before I located her. I had mailed cards to her normal address only to have them returned to me. I now have her new location & address, have been in contact by phone, & was able to talk with her & encourage her. This was a big move but a needed one for her. With a new mailing address I’m going to send returned cards plus new ones to her in regular time frame.

18 Kind Acts Completed

I called an elderly retired former co worker & explained some new benefits with our new insurance only to find she was unaware our coverage had changed. I helped her get her new plan materials & information. So much business change is confusing for all of us but especially for ones without internet access or communication.

5 Kind Acts Completed

My daughter and I gave flowers to a lady who walks in our neighborhood alone. She rarely s

14 Kind Acts Completed

My client and I talk about her growing up, her nursing career and her family. She also had me share my experience growing up, and she loves to hear about my family.

14 Kind Acts Completed

A difficult decision my client had to make was to get her daughter to understand her cell phone is too big for her. She had been dealing with this for a while and her daughter finally realized what her mother was saying and she agreed to get her a smaller cell phone.

1 Kind Act Completed

Had senior neighbors over for dinner and fellowship! We all had a wonderful time!

1 Kind Act Completed

Visited Grace. Brought her flowers, chocolates, and some knick-knacks. Discussed her difficulties finding access to getting vaccinated. Told her I’d help her by looking into some local resources for her. Also brought flowers to her CAREGiver.