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On December 1, GIVE65 is partnering with nearly 180 charitable organizations across the U.S. and Canada during #GivingTuesday, a global day dedicated to giving back. These organizations are raising funds to support their programs and services that are helping aging adults age with dignity and independence.

With this year being especially isolating for our older community members, these organizations have adapted to continue to provide their services in meaningful and safe ways. But these changes have drained their budgets and now more than ever, they need your support to continue serving aging adults into next year. To help inspire giving on a greater level, GIVE65 is providing matching grants during #GivingTuesday.

You can get involved and help reduce loneliness by visiting (U.S.) or (Canada) to find a charitable organization to support. Gifts of $10 or more are accepted and appreciated. Your donation provides food, shelter, home safety modifications, transportation, social activities and so much more. You can search for organizations based on location or mission category.

By working together through GIVE65, we can reduce isolation, give aging adults hope and increase social awareness of charitable organizations for our aging community.

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I don’t see where we send our donation?

2 Kind Acts Completed

I purchased gifts for 2 nursing home residents through our Elks lodge giving tree.

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I’d like to send a gift to an elderly patient in a nursing home to cheer them up.

Leonard Richard Nixon Sr
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Yes I am interested in your job offer and will

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I dropped off fresh biscuits and Hot soup to a couple who are self isolating. They were really appreciative, as they were in their 80’s and coming to visit their new great great grandbaby!!😍😍

16 Kind Acts Completed

I picked up a tag in a Walgreens store to buy gift & return there for Seniors.
I picked Satsuma oranges & juiced some to give juice & oranges to an elderly sickly couple. They have enjoyed the fresh fruit & juice. I enjoyed being outside so 2 way win. Our elderly are precious treasures .

0 Kind Acts Completed

I would like to donate some can goods or fresh fruits for a nursing home near me
Please let me know if that’s possible
Looking forward to being apart of

Karen lance
0 Kind Acts Completed

My mom lies dying from Covid after contracting it in her nursing home. They provided excellent care. My donation is for her

4 Kind Acts Completed

I made a 20.00 donation to a senior Christmas tree thru my senior care place

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Good morning. Is there anyone who would like to chat I’m also a senior

2 Kind Acts Completed

I put together 10 care bags for the homeless. There are many homeless in my community.