Give a Senior a Compliment

Genuine compliments are powerful gifts that shouldn't be squandered. The right one can lift someone's mood and show that you care.

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The Facts: This care mission sounds easy, right? But giving a good compliment is an art. By the time we’re adults, we should know how to give a good compliment and deliver praise. It can help us build relationships, lift others up, and shows we can be appreciative.

Here are six secrets to crafting a heartfelt compliment:

  1. Pay attention to what makes someone special or what they do well. Observing someone’s strengths can help you find just the right compliment.

  2. Be genuine. If you’re paying attention (see tip #1), this will be a breeze. People can see right through insincere praise, so it’s important to make your compliment personal and real.

  3. Be specific. Saying “That’s a great photo” is different than saying, “I loved how you captured your granddaughter’s excitement in that photo! You really have a gift.”

  4. Show your appreciation. For example, “I loved learning this muffin recipe from the master. Thanks for taking the time to show me.”

  5. Tell them what you’ve heard. People like to know others recognize their talents. For example, you could say, “I’ve heard through the grapevine that you’re a great gardener. Do you mind sharing a few secrets with me?”

  6. Never give backhanded compliments. “You look great…for your age” or “I’m surprised that turned out so well” are all examples of backhanded compliments that are thinly veiled insults. Watch your tone and plan what you’re going to say in your head first.

Your words are powerful! Use them wisely.

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I walk around smiling not only with my mouth, but with my eyes every where I go. It’s Amazing how many people want to talk or just say something nice, it does a lot for me too.

126 Kind Acts Completed

While working I noticed my senior lady had a beautiful cream color jacket. I told I liked her jacket and it looked wonderful on her.

Marlene Dunton
1 Kind Act Completed

I love all you great people have to contribute to all of us. I ❤?

0 Kind Acts Completed

I curled my awesome senior’s hair. I was very proud of my work. I told her she looks amazing and we both laughed at the same time.

19 Kind Acts Completed

I always tell all seniors that they are beautiful!!!

5 Kind Acts Completed

I am currently helping a senior by running errands and getting necessary groceries during this social distancing time. She is immuno compromised as well so she cannot leave her home. Because we talk on the phone almost every day we’ve gotten into some fairly serious conversations and also some funny ones. She’s got a great laugh and I told her so