Find a Senior Who Needs You

Many seniors in your community need your help.
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While there may be no signs in yards or wanted ads in newspapers asking for help, there are many seniors nearby that would be more than willing to accept a helping hand. The hard part is often finding them.

Here are a few ideas to help you help a senior in your community:

  1. Call a senior center – There are many local organizations and centers on aging that offer opportunities to volunteer or interact with lonely and underprivileged seniors. A few include: National Senior Center, National Council on Aging and Administration for Community Living.
  2. Ask a friend – Word of mouth is often the best avenue to make connections. Social media and online forums are often great places a friend can help connect someone to a senior in need.
  3. Become a pen pal – Brighten someone’s day without even leaving your couch by writing a letter to a senior.

What are some ways you connect with seniors in your community? Tell us in the comments below.

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Ramiro Vargas
1 Kind Act Completed

I need friend a male senior

8 Kind Acts Completed

I helped pick up trash and branches in my neighbors yard.

3 Kind Acts Completed

I call seniors to check in on them.

0 Kind Acts Completed

I took one to get a ct and shopping and to lunch

1 Kind Act Completed

I sent book to my 97 year old great cousin. She called so thrilled to ha e received it!!!

1 Kind Act Completed

I made deviled eggs for a elderly neighbor after she not so subtly told my husband she wanted some. 😊

29 Kind Acts Completed

I became a pen pal to a senior

9 Kind Acts Completed

My neighbor is a very active senior who helps support a school in Columbia. She has fine this charity work for 14 years. She is an amazing lady. This week-end my 15 year old niece and I assisted her in fund raising for the children. We had a great time a d helped people!

4 Kind Acts Completed

Through my church I have been assigned a Senior who is losing her husband. I have kept in contact with her, visited her in her home and brought her a meal. I will continue to care for her.

2 Kind Acts Completed

I help a senior with her Grocery shopping every week

0 Kind Acts Completed

I would like to help anyone looking for any assistance in Mitchell Village area here in Morehead City, NC.

4 Kind Acts Completed

I like to Dance a ll kind of music I just to teach ball room.also I sing.
I had send a message before, but never got any respond,from anyone.

1 Kind Act Completed

I need a senior to help him sincerely

3 Kind Acts Completed

My kindness act is helping an elderly lady in her home! I wash her dishes and clean her bathroom and take out her trash and I wash her clothes if needed!!!

9 Kind Acts Completed

I take 2 seniors shopping. Weekly. I also take 1 to dr appointments when her daughter cannot take off work. I make meals for them. They get meals on wheels; but; a nice home cooked meal is always a welcome treat. Or so I’m told. I love spending time with my friends

5 Kind Acts Completed

What Area Is Fred in? I would Love Dancing! Or hear from someone.
I have become very lonesome and sad
During this time I am just getting to be a. senior. And all alone! Bless all of you kind hearted people! Out there. Keep looking we are everywhere – RoseAnne,B