Enjoy a Fall Walk

It’s arguably the best time of the year to be outside. Why not take full advantage of the weather by taking a stroll with a senior through your favorite park, or downtown city blocks?
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It goes without saying that physical activity is great for staying in shape. In fact, most health experts agree that exercise is vital for seniors to stay mobile and live longer. But did you know it often provides just as much benefit for the mind? According to research from the Mayo Clinic, exercise improves moods and eases depression and anxiety symptoms – two issues many older adults deal with as they age.

This week, begin a walking, gardening, stretching or any other type of moving regimen with a senior you know. Remember, the most important part of the exercise equation is your companionship.

Where did you go and what did you end up doing? Let us know in the comments.

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I walk daily with my mom, who is a senior and I am in an exercise class for women 3x per week that is mainly seniors

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My mom is in a wheelchair… but I took her out for a walk to get some sun❣️🙏🏽🙏🏽She loved it❣️

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I am a caregiver for my mom. She’s not walking right now but I still do some movement exercises with her. Some stretching and leg lifts and arm movement as much as she can sitting in the chair. We do it throughout the day for movement.

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Hi there! I would love to do things such as this oh, do you know how I can find out where there is elderly in my community in need of a companion and friend?

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My husband has dementia, I took care of him for the last couple year’s it was very hard because I had no help, now he’s in a nursing home but I go every week to see him and I understand some one need a helping hand and I would like to get involved to help someone I live in far Rockaway NY

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Took a neighbor to the door for groceries

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Text them each day or call to see if they are in need off any thing. I send a 😃 face.

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I asked my neighbor to go to the farmers market tomorrow, we can walk around outside.