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Can’t seem to fit volunteering into your busy schedule? Download our kindness calendar and pen pal lesson plans to help you make a difference this summer!
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There’s no doubt about it – time is a rare resource. Between family, work, friends and the other random events of life, it can be hard to think about finding time to give back to those in the community. We’re here to help you find a few minutes each week to give back – and help others do the same.

First, jot down a few acts of kindness you can do. Then download our free kindness calendar to plan out when you can help brighten a senior’s day.

If you’re a teacher or part of a religious or nonprofit organization wanting to make a difference, we’ve got you covered as well. Our pen pal toolkits are designed to inspire thoughtful letters for lonely seniors and to educate and better you and your community.

Let us know in the comments how many acts of kindness or pen pal letters you and your organization completes!

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2 Kind Acts Completed

My dad had to go to Massachusetts this past Saturday for a family death I told him I would pray for safe travels both ways he said thanks

9 Kind Acts Completed

I sent out 10-15 cards out to seniors weekly

2 Kind Acts Completed

I have a story that demonstrates kindness on both sides. I am a CNA for people in their home and 5 years ago I met my best friend, Bud. You see, Bud was a retired professor and loved company, and more than 20 years ago, my father decided to drop out of my life. We needed each other. I spent time with him even when I wasn’t working. He passed away about a year and a half ago at the age of 97. I miss him every day. But we made such a difference in each other’s lives in the 3 years we were together. There’s much more to the story, but I need a lot of room to tell the whole thing. Anyway, sitting down and talking is just about the nicest thing we can do for each other.

12 Kind Acts Completed

This is not for a senior citizen but I brought my niece on a plane from Illinois to Florida to spent a month swimming and enjoying the sunshine. She has no contact with her mother in many years.

0 Kind Acts Completed

I helped a deaf and blind lady at our church

0 Kind Acts Completed

I helped a deaf and blind lady at church

37 Kind Acts Completed

Each month I send 6-7 cards to seniors a couple times per month. I hope it makes their day brighter as much as it brightens mine.

0 Kind Acts Completed

I have been helping my daughter get her house cleaned and in order. She has 6 kids and her and her husband are separated

0 Kind Acts Completed

I asked a senior how their day was going and then gave them a hug.

2 Kind Acts Completed

I have a friend who is blind and lost his tongue so people have a hard time understanding him. I make sure and include him in as many things as I can and have learned how to understand him. He is an amazing senior!

2 Kind Acts Completed

I help an eldery woman across the street a couple times a week. She’s very particular so it can get complicated and time consuming…I have 2 young boys as well. She’s religious and I’m not at all but that doesn’t matter. I’m glad she no longer feels so alone and seems happier. She loves telling stories which I enjoy.😊

5 Kind Acts Completed

Am having trouble signing, what should I do?

1 Kind Act Completed

I spent a lot of time with my Nana when she was still here. I miss her so very much. I also spent a lot of time with my Dad. I miss him every single day and I think about him every day. He died at the age of 45. He had a massive heart attack. I love seeing and spending time with my family and my friends.

0 Kind Acts Completed

I met a lady in the pool at the gym. Her mom is sick and don’t have long to live. She asked me to help care for her mom on the weekends. I took the job and happy that I did. I met people that love God. I love her mom also she is so kind and gentle. What I am doing is more than just the money but the love of God when one of his own will be coming home soon. I hope one day God send an angle to care for me.

1 Kind Act Completed

I just wrote my first pen pal letter through this website, and I feel greatly inspired to help seniors, as I close in on being one myself! lol However, its never too late to be kind and I can’t wait to get started with this program. Such a blessing,