Commit to an Active Day

Health experts say that just a few active minutes a day can lead to a healthier life at any age, but exercise doesn’t have to be hard, boring or expensive for it to improve your well-being!
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Connect with a senior friend in person or virtually and commit to doing a fun physical activity this week. Try letting your hair down and dancing in the living room or walking in a park you’ve never visited! Here are a few things to keep in mind before you get active:

  1. Wear comfortable clothes. Wearing comfortable clothes and shoes can ensure that you are not restricted and helps prevent injury while performing an activity.
  2. Stay Hydrated. Have plenty of water before, during and after your activity, especially if you’re exercising outside.
  3. As long as you’re having fun and staying active, any exercise will be beneficial in keeping you healthy.

If you have an existing health condition, consult a doctor and ask if they have any recommended exercises you can enjoy safely.

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32 Kind Acts Completed

I talked to my senior friend in another state yesterday and we had decided to start taking short 10-15 minute walks together. We logged our first one today! Just 7 minutes, because we hadn’t “talked and walked” before. But it’s a start😀

2 Kind Acts Completed

Really not fair to log this, because I do this for a living!
Some other ideas (make sure SAFETY FIRST! )
Balloon toss (seated, as balance in standing should be assessed for safety) Often is fun and competitive…easier to throw with 2 hands than to “bop” because bopping gets very fast !
Play hand games with rhymes that seniors might remember from childhood. Doing this in a chair but sitting “up tall” came improve core strength and endurance, maintain coordination, and stir up old memories.
Anything to music they like!

1 Kind Act Completed

Walking my dogs today as well as doing 3 sets of 20 pushups against the wall. Easier than doing them on the floor 😁

12 Kind Acts Completed

My hubby and I walked the Norfolk Botanical Gardens Sunday. Butterfly house was nice. As YMCA members we get in free n September! Hurry! It was great!

1 Kind Act Completed

Walked the dog for about 30 minutes today, quiet and peaceful, trying to get back in shape, afterward, I also did 30 minutes on a stationary bike, not much, but it’s a start!

1 Kind Act Completed

I walked the dog this morning, he’s slowed down a bit, me too, but we made it about 30 minutes, later I did 30 minutes on the stationary bike, not much, but it’s a start!

2 Kind Acts Completed

I feel so relaxed after exercising in nature. Relieved from all school stress and other activities.

Fredina Silva
1 Kind Act Completed

I visited a 85 years old lady last week-end. I bought her favourite joyeux festin hamburger with fries & coke. When I gave it to her thé bag, she started crying and said it for many times “merci beaucoup.” My heart filled with joy ! She melted my heart with her appréciation!

2 Kind Acts Completed

Went to the park!

Delis Vallejo
0 Kind Acts Completed

Did this mission

9 Kind Acts Completed

Im happy to say I helped encourage some of the seniors in my housing community to get in the pool and swim laps or do simple exercises to stay active during Covid.

4 Kind Acts Completed

I walked approximately 6000 steps with my senior. She literally wore my shoes out.

9 Kind Acts Completed

Last night I held a yoga class that was all sitting down. The senior veterans I take care of all have spinal cord injuries and are in wheelchairs. I took veterans in sets of 4 to our day room and we did 30 minutes of yoga. Right now we have 18 patients. Out of 18, we have 6 that are quadriplegic and unable to participate. So, I conducted 3 yoga classes, each being 30 minutes long. My patients slept much better last night after getting their heart rate up and exercising.

10 Kind Acts Completed

I went for a walk to see the leaves with my friend.It was beautiful!!🥰🥰

29 Kind Acts Completed

My mom has mobility issues but she can do some leg, arm, and simple things to stay active. So, we did some movement to get the blood pumping. She and I had fun.

6 Kind Acts Completed

Hi can u please write me a address I can send a lot of Christmas cards