Check in with a Grandparent

Many older adults live alone and can’t get out often. This week, reach out to or visit a parent, grandparent or other family senior to see how they’re holding up.
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The stress of the pandemic has carried its burden on all of us. Even as things are getting back to some normalcy, our way of life has likely changed or been challenged in some way or form. For nearly one-fourth of older adults who are already considered isolated or lonely, the long-term absence from people has only amplified the problem.

That’s why it’s important to check in and let them know you’re there. Just a short visit (if you’re vaccinated) or call can make their day – or even week – and give them the social comforts and human touch that they need and deserve.

After contacting your grandparent or loved one, let us know about it in the comments.

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1 Kind Act Completed

Just was in the supermarket and smiled at an elderly man. He then said “dear can you grab me that bag of potato’s in the back I can reach it” he got his potato’s and have a wonderful day sir

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My dad lives out of town but I call him 3 times a day every day n visit him every month

44 Kind Acts Completed

I check in on my senior friends when I can and visit them so they don’t feel so isolated. We share good conversation and it’s nice for them and me.

0 Kind Acts Completed

I am reaching out to day. Thanks for the organization and the encouragement. Frances

1 Kind Act Completed

I visited my parents this morning to see how they’re doing. We laughed & joked as usual….Seeing them everyday in their late 70’s is a blessing. Their parents (my grandparents) are all deceased.

1 Kind Act Completed

I reached out to several seniors… my grands are all in Heaven.
Just called and told them that I am here for them…. whatever they need.

2 Kind Acts Completed

My grandma treats me like shit but I still check in on her

1 Kind Act Completed

I had a sweet 16 party for my daughter this weekend. We stopped by after the party and took our elderly neighbor some food from the party. We gave them some party favors and spent time talked about his children. We had a great time.

1 Kind Act Completed

We have no living grandparents, but we see our senior parents every week at least once for a visit. Sunday we had brunch with my husband’s parents as we do most weeks. 🙂

1 Kind Act Completed

My Caregiver is here today to fold laundry and help me for 2 hours today.

2 Kind Acts Completed

Not a puzzle but I cooked dinner with an elderly woman. We had some real good conversation

1 Kind Act Completed

I call my 88 y.o. father in Florida a few times a week.. Sometimes just to check in.. And sometimes just to say hi & see what he’s been up to and fill him in on my escapades.. lol

1 Kind Act Completed

In Walmart,, saw an elderly lady whose hair was pulled up and it was really pretty, and I had to share that with her. Told her that her hair was beautiful. She appreciated the compliment.

Loretta Heath
0 Kind Acts Completed

l visit the locale pantry twice a month l then called over my elderly neighbor and let her select which veggies and snacks she wants Then l follow behind her with a full bag of grocery😙❤

2 Kind Acts Completed

Both of my maternal grandparents died & my my paternal grandfather died but I occasionally text my paternal grandmother who lives in Texas & has had health issues

9 Kind Acts Completed

Made her recipe for banana bread 🥖

2 Kind Acts Completed

My grandparents are passed and so are my parents . So when I see an elderly person I appreciate them . The smiles i get and words of encouragement are to cherished . I work for a Cancer center so I see hurt and pain everyday and I am very happy to make my patients happy and comfortable . They also make my day ! Bringing us goodies and celebrating their last treatment.