Celebrate Important Days with a Senior

There’s probably no easier way to put a smile on someone’s face than to remember their birthday, anniversary or other date of importance and help them celebrate or rejoice in it.
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Though we may look at the calendar a bit differently than we did in our youth, certain dates are still important and should be recognized in adulthood and our later years. With many seniors faced with social isolation and loneliness, a short call or thoughtful card will show them you care and can make any special day – well – that much more special.

Need to track important dates to celebrate?

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If you want to go a bit further, baking a cake or their favorite dessert is not a bad idea either. Small gifts are also fun, though most people who have limited interaction with others during the week will be more than happy with just being on your radar. Remember, every small act of kindness matters and can help better the lives of others.

Besides their birthday, here are few days of the year that could be great to remember and celebrate with a senior:

  1. Wedding anniversary
  2. Favorite holiday
  3. Pet birthday (or adoption day)
  4. The date you met or became friends
  5. A milestone (20 years post-retirement, etc.)

What or who will you celebrate?

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Your nice ☺️

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We lost my mom Christmas of 2019. My dad is 86 and we talk about her often. Her birthday was a couple weeks ago and he and I sat and reminisced about how they met and about their early life together. He enjoyed talking about her and I enjoyed hearing the stories.

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My husband and I took his 97 yr old mom back to her hometown in another state and spent a few days with relatives she hadn’t see in a while, visited places she remembered, including the place her parents, in-laws and daughter are buried.

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I go to be a companion to a senior friend. I help with light housework laundry and dishes

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Remembering my sweet mentor friend is an easy effort. I remembered her birthday by giving a present of Bible scriptures & inspirational quotes typed in large print on pretty paper put in plastic sleeves in a notebook. She has called every week since May 20 to tell me how much she is enjoying her book. I am blessed as much or more than she is.

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Celebration for my Mom on her 103rd! Drive by parade!!! Mimosas and balloons! The Mayor came and the TV news too!

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CarolynRhodes. To be. Nice To. Everyone. God. Words share

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When caring for a client of mine, when she went to bed I secretly decorated the kitchen the night before her birthday with birthday decorations. When she woke up the next morning she was surprised and happy and we all celebrated hwr 89th birthday!

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I try to remember all the birthdays of the seniors in my life and on those days I make them a card if they live far away and mail it to them. If they live close to me like my mom I get them a small gift and a card and balloons if they like them. I try to make it as special as I can.

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I need to change my luck in every way, from my regular life, to my love life, also need some money to travel,and get things in life that I need. I need a different type of life.

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In July, both my aunt and godmother celebrated birthdays. I called my aunt, whose birthday was July 4th, to discuss the surprise “Best Aunt Ever” mug and keychain she discovered from me via Amazon. I also called my godmother, whose birthday was July 8, to also discuss the surprise birthday mug and “Number 1 Godmother” pillow gifts I sent her via Amazon. I really enjoyed brightening up both of their special celebrations. I also got a chance to actually visit my godmother soon after her birthday and talked with her for about three hours! Again, I really enjoyed her company!

Gwen Ovnicek
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It’s amazing how when you focus on making someone else’s day a little better that it works towards making yours a lot better too! 🥰

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Pick up 6 bags of food to give to our seniors that can’t drive and took them in there food .