Be a Santa to a Senior

Love giving gifts? Bring the gift of Christmas morning to a senior in need of a little holiday spirit.
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There’s nothing quite like waking up on Christmas morning to a tree surrounded by gifts. The Be a Santa to a Senior program aims to recreate that excitement for seniors across the United States who may not have someone to celebrate the holidays with. Since the program began in 2003, over 750,000 seniors have felt the joy of receiving a gift.

Interested in joining in on the holiday spirit? Follow these easy steps to get involved!

  1. Find a Be a Santa to a Senior tree location by visiting
  2. Remove a senior gift request bulb from the tree.
  3. Purchase the requested gift.
  4. Place the request bulb and gift in a designated box. Feel good about yourself for making a senior’s holiday wishes come true.

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2 Kind Acts Completed

To take at least one shut in / senior a turkey

2 Kind Acts Completed

I can do the job and be 🎅 for you all

2 Kind Acts Completed

Picked a virtual bulb off the tree and sent something from her wishlist

0 Kind Acts Completed

I can help a senior on Christmas day.

1 Kind Act Completed

Purchased gifts for Sharon & Jeffery @zip 40272. Dont know how to remove bulb from tree.
Will deliver to senior home indicated

3 Kind Acts Completed

I am a senior. 78

0 Kind Acts Completed

Picked a virtual bulb from tree, Vern should be getting his wrapped gift within the next day. 🎄🎄

0 Kind Acts Completed

I love going to visiting seniors
Joy to my heart.

1 Kind Act Completed

OhEmGee this worked out great! I just had back surgery so I can’t drive yet, but I was able to pick a virtual bulb for a beautiful senior named Dolores and it took me right to her Amazon gift list and it was WONDERFUL knowing that Dolores is going to get EXACTLY what she is wishing for, for Christmas! Thank you for doing this my heart feels full.

2 Kind Acts Completed

I just ordered 2 of her items. I’m so excited to get them and wrap them up to be delivered!

4 Kind Acts Completed

Why is everything from Amazon? Dont we visit a location, remove bulb and place in bin? Some gifts are for kids! Thought this was for seniors. Clarification appreciated.

1 Kind Act Completed

Purchase a gift for a Senior.

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0 Kind Acts Completed

Hello, I can help with indoor and outdoor activities.
I love pets
I love the outdoors (I’m a runner)

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1 Kind Act Completed


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It’s a good feeling to say good morning to a neighbor who seems to be mean

5 Kind Acts Completed

I will see how I feel and I will bring gift baskets to some of the people there peppermint candy I’m cooking some stop lip balm and stuff like that to them but I have to see how I’m feeling I am 67 years old and the right now I am not doing the best but I would enjoy doing that because I’m a retired teacher and I also dealt with a lot of seniors those that is my pet fee and I would love to do something like that let me know how to reach out to you and as time goes on I will let you know what I will be able to handle that aren’t deal I either I can bring them bags approved I know they can’t have nothing but I can do peppermint and socks and stuff like that right now I’m not doing too well my calm paternal is acting up and I’m taking one day at a time and then I have back problems and neck and hands problems so let me see how I feel along the way I will start grabbing my stuff and getting it together for the Christmas holiday for them send me your address I’ll either call me my numbers is 404-288-8267 I am Shirley Henderson but yes I will come and try to help out when I feel better but give me a call back and I will let you know what that I have tried to purchase some items and bag them up for you guys I would love to do that that will make my day thank you and be blessed I really need a job where I can work thank you

1 Kind Act Completed

To be honest! Due to the pandemic 😷 most of us are not doing well financially.
The least I can do is sending a post card.
Am not doing well myself. But I will continue doing my best. Happy Holidays to everybody.

Patrice Walker
2 Kind Acts Completed

I went to bealls and purchased items on tree. I really enjoy being a blessing to anyone, not just at Christmas but; anytime. I wish card was a little more specific on items to put in gift basket food items. Thank you for what you all do to bring love to seniors. God bless!

1 Kind Act Completed

Went to store w/name tags, got 2, have 2 items on list so far… hope to al but follow thier lil request…❤

1 Kind Act Completed

I thank a gentleman at the meat isle at Walmart and put a smile on his face

1 Kind Act Completed

To visit a elderly person in my neighborhood.

0 Kind Acts Completed

I happily took care of my dying parents. I also participated with Dementia patients and Alzheimer’s patients. Never ever tired of our conversations.