Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies for a Senior

The chocolate chip cookie is arguably one of the most delectable snacks known to man. Celebrate the cookie’s holiday on Aug. 4 by baking a batch or two for you and your favorite senior.
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National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day only comes once a year, so make sure you don’t let it pass without firing up the oven and spreading some sugary happiness to someone you love.

As America’s favorite cookie, you really can’t go wrong on how big or small you make them – just don’t burn them. And once they’re done, you can go ahead and call ahead to let your older adult know to have the milk ready for your arrival!

Do you have a special chocolate chip cookie recipe you’d like to share?

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About once or twice a month I make cookies with my son and we share them with our senior friends starting with my mom who is 83 and loves cookies.

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I just made last week my grandma’s applesauce oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for my in laws and their neighbor. I used splenda to replace reg sugar because my mother-in-law is a diabetic but they’re so sweet anyway they may not sound that great but I have not met a kid yet that hasn’t loved them even my one nephew who is autistic and he has trouble eating things and swallowing alot of things love them to the point to where he stole his mother’s bite that she was going to take of her cookie right out of her hand and shoved it in his mouth my niece my sister they were all just shocked so I made him some more that day and you can put raisins instead of chocolate chips you can put walnuts in them peanuts if you want they’re so good and they are always moist and not hard which is great

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I have done this before for a favorite senior friend of mine who loves chocolate chip cookies! But this reminds me that it’s time to do it again … 🍪❤️😉

Carmen L
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Tell me how this project is handled, how and where do we distribute these cookies.