5 Ways to Recognize a Senior

Simple complements and kudos go a long way in boosting self-confidence and pride. These thoughtful recognitions are sure to bring a smile to any senior in your life.
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Flatter a new hairdo. Praise their efficiency with a smartphone. Drop a “you’re an amazing friend” in a conversation. There are so many ways to recognize a senior for what they’ve done and who they are.

And the best part about flattery and kindness is that it rarely gets old – or makes people less important!

Here are five of our top picks for showing someone they’re awesome:

  1. Ask for a favorite recipe or garden tip (and praise it)
  2. Drop a loving note in their mailbox or somewhere they frequent
  3. Tell them you admire their smile
  4. Compliment their favorite hobby (music, quilting, etc.)
  5. Call or stop by just to say hello

What are some of your favorite ways to show recognition? Tell us in the comments.

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2 Kind Acts Completed

I told my neighbor what a pleasure it is to know her!

9 Kind Acts Completed

I always try to compliment everyone! A kind word is appreciated!

2 Kind Acts Completed

Told sold elderly friends that I appreciate them

11 Kind Acts Completed

I offer to house sit/pet sit Seniors’ homes/dogs when they talk about wanting to travel or visit friends & family.
I take past neighbors or ladies from church to meals, shopping, personal or medical appointments, any place the need to go. Sometimes my dtr & I will have them over for a meal on their birthday or holiday. I’m about to take a Sr. Lady from Church around to Sr. Living communities to see if she’s ready to move in or renew her lease.

51 Kind Acts Completed

I always sit and talk with them about the lives they have led and what their favorite things are in life, and then I share some of mine with them! Like how I love a certain restaurant named Rutherford Grill which is up Valley in the Napa Valley, and they have really awesome foods and drinks you can order, but only if you know about them, as they aren’t listed on the menu… And then she would share something cool with me like her favorite out of the way antique shop that has the coolest stuff at great prices! We went to both places together and enjoyed each other’s little secret insider knowledge together and it brought us so much closer to one another that we still smile and giggle about our outings together when we see each other!
Elderly people have so much knowledge and wisdom to share with all of us if we just took the time to ask them about it all! I love every single one of them in my life and I feel truly blessed to know and love each one of them! ❤️🌈💐🎁🥳🎈🎊🙏🌻

10 Kind Acts Completed

Good morning, another way that you can show the Kind Act- call or stop by and check on the family and their dying partner, let them know that you are not just a nurse or caregiver, but a good friend.❤️

10 Kind Acts Completed

My easy way to show appreciation is just a “Simple “, Thank You with eye-to-eye contact and try to connect to their emotional support.

10 Kind Acts Completed

My Act-of Kindness is taking the Client for a joy ride to a place near by which he /she would enjoy for that day.

2 Kind Acts Completed

I went over to visit my Father! He’s been going through immunotherapy treatment for Cancer and doesn’t have a lot of energy but still does small projects around the house and keeps his yard so beautiful! I am so proud of him and let him know that he is amazing to me! He literally does more than me in many ways even with all he is going through! We went to see the sunset together and he drove us in his new car which really made his day! I told him what a good driver he was and how impressed I was with him in every way! Of course I told him how much I adore him and love him too! 💖💖💖

1 Kind Act Completed

Doing nails and dress hairstyles is something that a female senior always love to do. When you pay attention in this two things they feel love.

48 Kind Acts Completed

One of my neighbors gave me some cookies he baked and I told him they were the best cookies I have eaten in a long time and asked for the recipe. He was happy I liked them and even happier to share the recipe with me.

5 Kind Acts Completed

Today is my neighbor’s 98 birthday I made him a pie and mailed him a birthday card and put balloons on his mailbox also going to take him to lunch

10 Kind Acts Completed

I brought some Nature Fruits from my mom’s garden and shared it with my Client which they both enjoyed.

10 Kind Acts Completed

I volunteer to take a shift that wasn’t assigned to me, so that I could helped out with my Client.

4 Kind Acts Completed

I always stop by and encourage her, & listen to her issues. Then, like today, I’m going to help her tack up her horse, help her mount her horse, jump on mine and away we go for a ride down canyon and back !then I help her dismount. Fun!! We do this a few times a week if time allows. She’s had major back fusion!! What a woman ! I thank God!

4 Kind Acts Completed

Also while I am at her house, her renter has had major surgeries & always needs help. So I check on her, do laundry, get her ice, take out her trash, bring her food and anything else she needs, again praising God I GET to help both my friends!

4 Kind Acts Completed

Also while I am at her house, her renter has had major surgeries & always needs help. So I check on her, do laundry, get her ice, take out her trash, bring her food and anything else she needs, again praising God I GET to help both my friends!please post, this is NOT a duplicate, ty!