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While rewarding, caregiving for a loved one can be both emotionally and physically taxing at times. Most who fill the role do so while balancing another job as well as their existing home life. In fact, it is not uncommon for many caregivers to feel overwhelmed at times – in turn, creating sleepless nights, bouts of anxiety and other medical problems due to the mounting stress.

That’s why it’s important to remind – and also show – him or her they aren’t alone in this journey. Here are some ways you can provide a much-needed hand to the caregiver in your life.

  1. Offer your time – Maybe your family caregiver needs to run an errand or wants/needs to attend an event. Ask if you can step in to pick something up or take their senior for a walk while they step out.
  2. Send a note, letter or small gift – Let a caregiver know they are appreciated, and remind them the difference they are making in the life of a loved one.
  3. Suggest local resources – There are many resources that caregivers can take advantage of, such as: Ready to Care, AAA, and government programs that specialize in providing financial and other assistance.
  4. Attend a support group – Many meaningful relationships can be made by getting involved with a unique community group. Why not attend the first one with your caregiver?
  5. Ask how they are doing – Sometimes the best thing we can do is lend an ear and listen, allowing the other person to vent and vocalize what is going on in their life.

What are some of your suggestions for helping a caregiver? Let us know in the comments.

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Sharon Smith
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I will send a note to a caregiver to let them know how appreciative we are for all that they do

24 Kind Acts Completed

I am a family caregiver for my mom and it means the world to me when someone does something nice for me and I pass that kindness on to other family caregivers.

Holly hall
2 Kind Acts Completed

I have an elderly family in the war in my neighborhood and they come and get me when I need help like clean their yard do their dishes take care of their dogs fold their clothes do the laundry and I don’t ask for pay or anything I just go over and help him out because they need their my assistance and to me that is kindness and that is the way it’s supposed to be and there’s they’re grateful and happy that I don’t ask for anything except friendship

3 Kind Acts Completed

Some suggestions for helping a care giver is to let them know that they are part of the family and that you trust them and love them. And helping them too when they feel overwhelm at some points

10 Kind Acts Completed

I was a caregiver with my mom.Made sure she took her meds ate her meals.Helped her get a bath once a day.Clean clothes. Did her Landry. Talking and the Lord she read her Bible and pray.

2 Kind Acts Completed

I helped my parents this last year. I had a good job in California and I took a leave of a absences. After being gone for 8 months they let me go at work. They needed the help. But last week my parents went into a very nice Assisted living home. I’m staying to take care of all the loose ends and sell the house. My dad is 90 and my mom 88 and still active it was worth loosing my job, to see how happy they are. I’ll be just fine.

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Sit with a person that is alone. They will enjoy you being with them. Most people that are lonely don’t know how to ask for companionship. I try to do that a lot because I am lonely. And with a simple hi kind words come out.

1 Kind Act Completed

Put a smile on someone else is priceless😊

1 Kind Act Completed

I have a dear friend who l drive to the doctor, then we go out to eat, and l also signed her up for her Covid vaccine with my family so we can all go together. We also stop at the store on the way if she needs any groceries. I always notify her POS son after the visit to give him a status report. Helps to keep the lines of communication open.

1 Kind Act Completed

I also joined a closed group on facebook for caregivers of those with dementia. It is the best support group as it is supportive and educational. And l can access it anytime. I don’t have to leave the house. I also shared this info with her POS son who works long hours.

4 Kind Acts Completed

I saw a young woman standing on the sidewalk and she looked like she needed help, I took her to my apt and I let her shower and I told her to take her time, I then gave her a box of Kentucky fried chicken that I had just bought for her to eat, I then took her to the grocery store and I told her to pick out whatever she wanted, She chose 3 items and then I told her is that all the food she needed, I told her that she would need a bit more to eat for at least a week or so, I took her shopping for more food and I spent one hundred and twenty five dollars on food for her, was I concerned about the money, not at all, it made me feel so good to help her and I would do it again for anyone, I also gave her a pair of new sneakers because her shoes were falling apart, she thanked me ,I told her ‘no worries ‘ I was happy to just help her out and she had left some of the food I gave her in my fridge because she couldn’t carry it all, I told her that she could come back anytime to get the rest of her food and I told her that her food would be here for her and she was happy with that ,yes, that was a great day

8 Kind Acts Completed

I helped my husband organize his auto repair shop. He is constantly working to care for his family and friends

1 Kind Act Completed

HI! I am my Mom’s Caregiver at home. Yes, really a handful of work & really taxing from waking up in the morning to prepare her breakfast until dinner & putting her to bed. Harder when she has episodes of dementia. Will really appreciate some acts of kindness & interacting with support groups/fellow caregivers. God bless Everyone!

2 Kind Acts Completed

Cooked dinner for a caregiver and his family.

7 Kind Acts Completed

Right now I am the family caretaker. My husband is ill and my niece who lives with me just got out of the hospital with a bad asthma attack. I am afraid I can’t help anyone right now. However, I love your suggestions and will do them at another time.

4 Kind Acts Completed

I always had helped old people,took care a old men that was in a wheel chair,he always want me to help him because I made him make feel good,then I took care his wafe,and she want me to help her,because,she didnt field dipress.and i always remind her,her husband.
I had send several messages, but never got any respond. Fred M.

7 Kind Acts Completed

My friend cares for her mom. I stay with her mom while she runs errands or simply wants to go to the park. One day was particularly hard; she called and asked if I could come over; she just wanted to take a shower! Yeah; some days are very hard. I often bring the family dinner. I always call ahead; early in the day; so she knows I’m bringing dinner. One less thing for her to worry about. Also; I order pizza to be delivered, because her kids love pizza! And sometimes they are feeling the stress, too. Taking the kids to a movie or just a walk helps as well.

4 Kind Acts Completed

My caregiver friend became ill and was hospitalized. When she was at home again, I took her a small gift and card. Then we had a great 😊 visit.

1 Kind Act Completed

Well today was my very first day to sign up for a pen pal and I sent out one letter probably gonna send more im not sure yet but I don’t know I feel like this is good start.

3 Kind Acts Completed

My senior friend husband is in hospice. I picked her up and took her to lunch.

2 Kind Acts Completed

I cooked dinner for the entire family this week. It was so appreciated by all!

3 Kind Acts Completed

I helped both of my parents . And took them out to eat (at a restaurant) I took them grocery shopping when tneeded. Took my kids to visit them. They loved the visits from my kids. Now both of my parents are no longer here for me to help. Now I’m helping my senior cousin. She needs the help from time to time. ( A drive a surprise visit) a trip to the grocery store if needing to go. It’s fun hearing stories of when they were young. And dropping in just to let her know that I am thinking of her.