5 Ways to Be a Good Neighbor to a Senior

It could be grabbing a package on their porch or periodically trimming their hedges in the summer months. No matter the help you provide, the most important thing remains the same: being a caring neighbor.
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When’s the last time you’ve chatted with your older adult neighbor? Do you know their name? Are they able to drive or get out of the house regularly?

While you may not know the answer to all of these questions right now, there’s a good chance that by stepping up and showing them kindness, you will – and will likely make a new friend in the process.

Here are 5 suggestions on how to be a better neighbor to a senior:  

  1. Say hello and smile – The easiest way to make someone smile is to smile at them.
  2. Drop them a card – Whether you know them or not, a few written words mean a lot and shows you are a great neighbor who is looking out for them.
  3. Cut grass or weed whack – If you’re out doing your own yard and have the time, why not do theirs?
  4. Watch their house ­– Have you seen them recently? Are their lights on? Make sure everything appears to be okay.
  5. Knock on the door – If you’re outside on a walk, drop by and introduce yourself and start a conversation.

 How were you a good neighbor this week? Let us know in the comments.

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0 Kind Acts Completed

I love to journal & write letters, I received info on becoming a pen pal to seniors, this is a fun, loving opportunity for me to interact with seniors, I don’t have any living grandparents, so I’m hoping i can get adopted by a senior I’m writing too

11 Kind Acts Completed

Went and took a neighbor elderly diner

8 Kind Acts Completed

I visit my senior neighbours and take out their garbage compost and recycling. Help with household chores, shopping and spend some time chatting and listening

1 Kind Act Completed

I made an apple pie and brought it to meet my neighbor yesterday. We had a delightful chat and I feel I’ve made a new friend. I have to go back now to pick up my pie dish.

3 Kind Acts Completed

Take dinner to a senior from church.

48 Kind Acts Completed

I send notes and cards to seniors when I can just to say hello and brighten up their day. I say hello to my older neighbors whom I see walking by when I am outside and sometimes have short conversations with them. The trees in my front yard have become the best conversation starter. I have learned a lot about them and the trees. It makes my day.

2 Kind Acts Completed

I was in the grocery store and saw this elderly couple looking for something in the bread aisle..I went right over & asked if they needed any help & with a smile the wife said yes!.. That started a chat and I began to search. She’s very conscious about ingredients & was looking for a certain kind of bread..It was such a pleasure to help them! It made my day!!

2 Kind Acts Completed

I got my neighbor package for then

1 Kind Act Completed

Paid for a senior retired Marines dinner

2 Kind Acts Completed

I right letters I ask to become a pen pal

0 Kind Acts Completed

It was heard cause I don’t try to get on my neighbor nerves but I wanted him to know they way a package on his front porch he thinks I’m nuts lol but love 💕 is love and that’s beautiful the world is a prettiest place when people love

3 Kind Acts Completed

You can take them homemade treats or just go over and sit and talk to them.

2 Kind Acts Completed

I deliver season flowers to my elderly neighbor once a month. It’s repetitive and not original, but I think she likes it.

6 Kind Acts Completed

Clean their yard

4 Kind Acts Completed


5 Kind Acts Completed

Pick up food at the food bank took to 5 people that can not drive

1 Kind Act Completed

Visit a Senior

Send a card

Read a book to them

Bring children to sing

2 Kind Acts Completed

it’s not much but if I’m going into the grocery store and someone if finishing I’ll offer to take their cart for them
on garbage day I bring up the cans up off the street for a few of my neighbours
and I often mow more than just my lawn when I’m out
not much I know

10 Kind Acts Completed

Picked up some groceries for a senior neighbor. Added a couple extra favorites to the list which made him very happy!

1 Kind Act Completed

Took my senior neighbor to the eye doctor.

5 Kind Acts Completed

Helping every senior that I can with what ever they need

3 Kind Acts Completed

I did the Walk to End Alzheimer’s this past Saturday

1 Kind Act Completed

I help out at the grocery story help put items in buggy that’s to hard them to pick up.

13 Kind Acts Completed

Because we are in Covid Season, bring your neighbor a basketful of personal protective equipment such as; gloves, hand sanitizer, face masks, lysol disinfectant spray, hand soap, sponges, and
paper towels. Knock on your neighbors door. Stand at least 6ft. from your neighbor’s door. When your neighbor answers the door, smile and say, “Good Morning/ A1fternoon. This basket is for you Mr./Mrs. ______.
Have a great day!.”

5 Kind Acts Completed

I put my 80 plus neighbor garage container out to be empty.

17 Kind Acts Completed

I ride my bicycle on weekends at local park & often there are seniors walking. I always make sure to slow door near them & wish them a food afternoon

1 Kind Act Completed

Me Archer has been my newborn for 5 years. He use to be a professor at University of Calgary. Every summer I cut his grass for him. He never has to ask. I also cut the grass for the neighbour on the other side of me . This Asian family with 2 sons. 1 son of family who is my age, gives care to his mom and dad who are well in their early 90 s. Makes me happy and honoured to help these fine quite neighbours.

0 Kind Acts Completed

I would like to help at least for one day

4 Kind Acts Completed

Took out our elderly neighbors trash cans for trash Fay and brought them back in. I notice that it’s a bigger task for her then myself so I took the initiative and she was super thankful ❤️