4 Ways to Show Dad Some Love

On this Father’s Day, find ways to remind dear dad just how important he is to you and your family.
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He’s the grill master general. The corny joke expert. The best advice for anything king.
But most importantly, dad’s the rock of the family that everyone has always leaned on when needed. With Father’s Day around the corner, take some time this year to make dad’s special day the best he’s ever had.

Here are a few suggestions to help you give him the day he deserves.

  1. Help with a fun project – It can be as simple as an afternoon helping organize tools in the garage or working on a large puzzle. These moments collaborating are great for chatting and getting closer.
  2. Watch a sports game – Whether on the television or in person, any dads have an affinity for a specific sports team that they’d love to have you partake in – at least for the day.
  3. Do nothing in particular (together) – Maybe it’s letting dad relax and have a beverage on the porch, having a hot dog at his favorite stand, or walking around the neighborhood. Whatever it is, don’t plan for it – let him.
  4. Do a simple act of kindness – Pick him up a coffee. Wash his car. Say I love you. There are many easy, caring ways to put a smile on dear old dad’s face any day of the year. Check out our weekly acts of kindness ideas.

How will you celebrate a dad or father figure this year?

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I’ve lined up my grandson to cook on Father’s Day, something Grandpa usually does. Grandpa enjoyed the break so much last year, we decided to do it again. I think I may even take it further and rotate chefs each time we get together.

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My dad died when I was young. My grandfather’s have all passed away also. So, I adopted a senior neighbor and plan on helping him with some yardwork and giving him a card and lunch on father’s day.

0 Kind Acts Completed

Give a senior in my building a guardian angel today after carrying it around in my bag for weeks i finally saw her she told me some sad news about her marriage life after so many years she found out her husband is living two lives ….i felt her pain …just a litlle thought that says you are loved on the little angel …made me happy to see a smile on her face .

1 Kind Act Completed

I have sent father’s day cards to my grandparents and my stepdad I enjoy sending card’s

3 Kind Acts Completed

We have done whatever my Dad has wanted to do..it’s his weekend to do whatever it is that he wants,likes to do..clean up the yard, straightened out the garage,did his laundry,made him meals if his choice

1 Kind Act Completed

I was always having my granddaughters helping me n dad with things on the property til he passed away of covid

1 Kind Act Completed

I taught my youngest granddaughter to send cards n a small gift to her grandmother that had to move 3 hours away after the floods

2 Kind Acts Completed

Sent my Dad some soft, bright orange golf balls to make his game a little easier and his stroke go a little longer. He loved them and he even has a matching golf sweater to wear when he uses them. Enjoyed a giggle.