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We may not always notice it, but our population is getting older. And with the aging shift, our world needs a future workforce of aging advocates to help lead within their organizations and offer creative solutions for the needs of older adults.

I’m Ready to Serve!

Become a Champion of Aging

The Champions of Aging® paid service year builds workforce skills and empowers advocates of the aging population. Watch our video to meet the Champions and to learn more about completing a service year.

Ready to Be a Senior Advocate?

Our paid service year is for college age adults in any educational discipline, who are interested in building a world that understands and appreciates the complexities of the aging process.

You would make a great Champions of Aging advocate if you:

  • Are a go-getter looking for real world work experience
  • Feel strongly about bettering your community and helping seniors
  • Are a highly motivated college student or recent graduate (within five years of graduation) who has a passion for making a difference
  • Have a minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.50 in any educational discipline
  • Will earn a bachelor’s degree by the start of the service year
  • Have proof of U.S. citizenship

Ready to get started? We’re currently accepting applications for full-time and part-time programs. Begin your application today.

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