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Looking for friendly conversation and companionship? Request a Ready to Care pen pal and we'll email you a letter!

How it Works

Our program connects you with a pen pal to create companionship through letter correspondence. Read our FAQs for more details.


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    You'll receive the writer's contact information so you can keep in touch with your pen pal.

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Request a Pen Pal Letter

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Pen Pal Program in The News

Connecting in unique, personal ways isn’t a thing of the past – it can speak volumes. Read what people are saying about the Pen Pals program:

"We're connected here. She likes painting, which I do, too. And she does roller-skating. I never did that, but it's interesting. But yeah, I'm anxious to write to her," - Phyllis Ehrhardt, senior letter recipient, KCCI

“They’re really sweet letters; some of them were just a paragraph, but a lot of them asked for advice about the senior’s life experience. What I found achingly true was that even someone as young as 13 years old has experienced loneliness with the pandemic, but also maybe with their lives – maybe they feel like they don’t fit in, and they were looking for the senior to write them back and start a connection.” - Anna Edenfield, owner of the Home Instead, Hub City Spokes