Our Impact

By 2060, roughly a quarter of our population will be 65+, making it more important than ever to create a world we all want to age in. For 25+ years, Home Instead has been making the world ready to care by raising funds, connecting seniors, and educating the public.

The number of people living beyond age 80 is expected to triple

With people living longer and birth rates dropping, we need to build a community that’s ready to care for older adults.

14,500+ caring people Carrying out weekly acts of kindness for seniors
7,400+ kind acts Completed by our Ready to Care community

43% of seniors feel lonely on a daily basis

Loneliness and social isolation are among the top challenges for older adults. Our initiatives connect seniors to our caring community.

700+ letters delivered

To lonely and isolated seniors throughout North America

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4.7 million seniors live in poverty

As our world continues to age, senior poverty and isolation could become an even greater issue to combat.

65,000 volunteers

Participated in our holiday gift-giving program

2 million gifts given

To seniors in North America

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Less than 1% of funds goes to causes related to aging

The Home Instead Foundation has helped organizations meet the basic needs of more than 1.5 million seniors across the U.S.

$4.9 million distributed to seniors GIVE65® – an online giving platform for senior-focused nonprofits – funds programs and services that help seniors in need.
259 nonprofits served From delivered meals to ride programs to home modification services, the Foundation ensures seniors can age in a dignified and safe manner.

In the U.S. alone, 10,000 people turn 65 every day

Without adjustments to current delivery systems, such as healthcare, education and transportation, the world will be impacted in significant ways.

570 hours of curriculum

Completed through our Champions of Aging service year, which is building a future workforce of aging advocates.

4,000 hours of service

Fulfilled by Champions of Aging on behalf of senior nonprofits

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