Jul 14, 2022

Stay Safe and Cool with a Senior This Season

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The longer days, warmer weather and plentiful recreational areas of summer make it a great season for creating amazing new memories. Venturing out with a senior can solidify great friendships and bonding, and likely betters his or her mental and physical health (and possibly yours, too).

But before you make plans for some fun in the sun with an older adult, don’t forget to think ahead for their comfort. Even on days that may not seem hot, older adults, who may be more susceptible to the challenges of slight weather changes, could feel very differently.

Here are some tips to keep a senior safe while making memories this summer:

  1. Find the shade – Sure the sunshine is rejuvenating and can brighten anyone’s mood, but those midday rays can also be brutal and can zap an older adult’s stamina much quicker than a younger person’s. Look for walking paths or outdoor seating with cover.
  2. Hydrate – The same can be said for anyone, but older people can lose water much quicker and can be at a greater risk of dehydration
  3. Dress for the weather – While sleeves and pants provide great protection from the sun, make sure an older person’s clothing is breathable and does not restrict their circulation or skin’s ability to breathe. 
  4. Sit back and enjoy – Outdoor concerts or parks with natural views are great ways to end a nice walk or ride. But don’t forget the water and sunscreen!
  5. Medication check – Do they have any meds they need to take while you are out? Will the sun and heat counter them? Are there some that could go bad in the heat? Make a mental note before you leave the house to plan your outdoor spot accordingly. 
  6. Check in – An occasional check-in is often much appreciated. Most people don’t want to be a bother and will not speak up when they are uncomfortable. 
  7. Wing it – Once you’ve considered these tips, some of the best conversations and activities could come from just taking a drive and figuring it out. Remember, your companionship will be the best summer fun recipe they could ask for.

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