July 30, 2021

11 Things You Can Do Now to Help Seniors

Elderly man gazes out the window at home
“Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others.”
-Booker T. Washington

At Ready to Care, our focus has always been on helping seniors by encouraging others to carry out simple acts of care and kindness. It’s true that everyone can benefit from a kind gesture. But we also know that seniors are at greater risk of experiencing things like limited mobility, chronic conditions or feeling isolated.

With COVID-19 affecting all of us over the past two years, older adults -- many who live alone -- have seen the greatest impact from social isolation measures. Some studies have shown that the pandemic more than doubled feelings of loneliness for the 65+ demographic.

As restrictions ease and things become a new normal, we are committed to sharing even more ways you can help seniors. Our Acts of Kindness missions are being adapted to address the challenges currently facing older adults. We’ll continue sharing useful tips and providing inspiration to help others.

We are in uncharted territory, but we can continue supporting each other. Helping those in need through small acts of kindness and care may matter more than ever in the days ahead.

To help right now, we have gathered our favorite past Care Missions and a few new ideas. These simple actions can help ease loneliness or help a senior in need.

1. Check In with a Senior
Call, text or write a senior to check in and see how you can help.

2. Deliver Food or Groceries
Send a meal to a senior or help them find ways to have meals or groceries delivered to their home.

3. Express Your Gratitude
Thank three people you’re grateful to have in your life, and then complete an act of kindness for someone else.

4. Give a Senior a Compliment
Learn six secrets to crafting a heartfelt compliment. On your next phone call, these tips can help you find the right words to make someone feel extra special.

5. Donate to Help Seniors in Need
If you want to donate to organizations that support seniors, GIVE65 is a great resource. The site exclusively features nonprofits that have programs and services for seniors. Featured organizations support seniors in need of food, shelter, home improvements and more.

6. Let a Senior Go Ahead of You in Line
We asked you to do this over the holidays, but it may be even more important now. Let older adults go first in line to help them reduce time in public.

7. Ask a Senior for Advice
Next time you call a senior loved one, ask them for advice. They have a lifetime of experience to share with you.

8. Share Joy on Social Media
Spread messages of joy, hope and support online. It’s also a great way to connect with seniors you can’t see in person.

9. Join our Facebook Group
Let’s come together to help reduce isolation and loneliness, especially for seniors. With the support of a safe and encouraging virtual community, we can connect and increase our impact!

10. Pray for Someone
When situations are out of your control, offering a quick prayer or sending positive vibes can be a good way to show you care.

11. Sign up for Ready to Care
Join over 10,000 others who are making a difference. Get weekly texts challenging you to spread kindness to seniors in your community. We send you one kind act to compete each week.