Jun 01, 2022

5 Reasons You Need an Older Adult Pen Pal


Let’s face it, connections aren’t what they used to be. We’re often so tied up with daily responsibilities that conversations can amount to a few typed words and a send button. Even dinners and special moments are often overmatched by the buzz of an email, or sports score update.

Just how distracted from convos are we? Nearly 90% percent of Americans have admitted to taking out their smartphone during their last social interaction – with 82% saying it deteriorated the conversation with the person they were speaking to. Consider the fact that nearly one-fourth of older adults do not have regular social interaction, that deterioration can be more impactful than you think.

Stop for a minute and remember a time when thoughtful connections were still – well, thoughtful – and required more time and effort. Remember when we lived in a world that wasn’t smartphone-simplified. Remember the joy of a letter in the mailbox – or even inbox?

Why You Should Become a Pen Pal

Writing a letter to someone not only creates a meaningful connection, but also gives us the chance to slow life down for a minute and better appreciate the words of someone else. As we recognize National Pen Pal Day on June 1, consider taking a step back in time and writing an inquisitive letter to someone you don’t know. It’s not only a great way to form new friendships and better our social skills but also combat social isolation and brighten someone’s day. Additionally, letter-writing and journaling has also been proven to better your health – not to mention your writing skills.

Here are five more great reasons you should become a pen pal with a senior!

1.       Creates connections/friendships that might not otherwise exist
2.       Writing/journaling is proven to have numerous health benefits
3.       Helps reduce loneliness and isolation for older adults
4.       Betters your creativity
5.       You will likely learn new things (from someone older)

Ready to get started? Click here to write and send your letter through the Ready to Care pen pal page!