Jul 29, 2021

4 Happy Corners of the Internet to Bring Smiles to Seniors in Isolation

Young woman helps senior man working on laptop at home

The internet has been a gift in times of isolation. In just a matter of seconds, we can reconnect with old friends over video chat, stream our favorite shows and movies and keep our minds active.

Nowadays, seniors are spending more and more time online. A recent Pew Research Center study found that Americans over the age of 60 are spending over half of their daily leisure time on their electronic devices.

While the internet can be a great tool to learn new things and find entertainment, it can sometimes lead to rabbit holes of negativity and sad news. In fact, it’s so common that a new term, “doomscrolling,” was created in 2020. According to psychologist, Dr. Wendy Johnston, reading and listening to negative news can activate the sympathetic nervous system, causing your body to release stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. Finding solace online is important to help us de-stress. When it comes to helping our older friends and loved ones navigate the internet without worry, we recommend following these three feel-good sites and online communities.

1. A Corner to Show You the Good in the World
With so much negativity in today’s world, UpWorthy aims to bring some positivity and creativity to their followers on Instagram. They uncover the everyday heroes that make our world a little bit better, like this happy pup delivering groceries to isolated seniors in need.

2. A Corner in which to Share Stories
Connecting talented writers, freelance poets, and everyday readers, Medium.com is a great way to find inspiring reading that is both uplifting and educational. On Medium, readers can find topics on kindness and love, follow writers who care about the beauty of aging, or subscribe and become a writer themselves! Find a kind, creative community on Medium.

3. A Corner for Finding a New Perspective
On our loneliest days, we can forget that there are billions of people out there facing struggle, love, joy or pain. Humans of New York is a global community that offers perspective and storytelling by providing a window into the lives of people we would normally only pass on the street. Get a glimpse on their Instagram or visit their website to read some powerful, diverse stories.

4. A Corner to Connect You with Others
If you’re looking for a community that cares for seniors and wants to provide support for a growing, aging community, the Ready to Care Facebook Group is the perfect place for you. Our growing community lifts each other up with encouraging messages, thoughtful quotes, and uplifting prayer.

The internet doesn’t have to be a dreaded place for our senior loved ones. Encourage them to explore positive and trustworthy sites that leave them feeling good about the world they live in.