Dec 15, 2021

10 Simple Ways to Help a Senior in 2022

senior reads book with grandaughter jpg

Let’s all take a moment to celebrate. It’s been a year (or two).

Feed better? Good.

As we look 2022 in the eyes, it’s a great time to start thinking about how to improve not only our lives, but those around us.

The senior population is one that can always use our help. And it goes without saying the

While this is a completely unacceptable statistic, it’s fortunately one that we can help change.

Here are some easy ways YOU can make a difference for an older adult in the months ahead.

1. Give up your seat – While it might not seem like much, it’s a kind act that can leave a lasting effect. Simply offering your seat on a bus or other public area can spark conversation and restore faith in humanity for someone who may not get a chance to socialize much.

2. Say hello in passing – Again, not a revolutionary concept. A smile and wave or a verbal recognition to someone brightens their day – makes them feel social again.

3. Ask them – Whether it’s a neighbor you know or someone in your own family, simply asking if they need assistance (or even how they’re doing) with something could be just what they need.

4. Make kindness a habit – Schedule regular small acts of kindness into your weekly routing. Check out our kindness calendar to get started.

5. Pay it forward – If you see a senior in line fumbling with change or seemingly confused, why not buy their coffee or tea? Far too many older adults with dementia or other cognitive issues need our awareness and kindness. 

6. Offer a ride to church – As we start getting back to a little bit of normalcy, ask a senior if they need a ride to church  or another other important appointment.

7. Say something nice – Maybe it’s their yard or their dog’s grooming. Whatever their love or interest may be, let them know it matters. Let them know you care.

8. Drop a nice note in mailbox – It doesn’t take long to write a few nice words that will brighten someone’s day. Check out our pen pal program to write a letter today.  

9. Grab a grocery shopping cart – If you’re coming into a market – or just notice an older adult coming in – try helping them pull a cart from a bin or offer yours.

10. Clear a walkway or drive – Whether it’s snow, leaves or a collection of newspapers from the past few weeks, do a good deed by moving them out of a senior’s walking path and reducing their risk for a slip or fall.