Jul 13 Care Mission

Support an Organization that Helps Seniors

The GIVE65 Event is a 65-hour, crowd-fundraising event for nonprofits serving seniors. On July 15-17, your donation of $10 or more will be matched while funds are available.
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6 seniors have been helped with this mission. Add your effort to the count.

I’m Ready to Log It!

Finished this mission?

6 seniors have been helped with this mission. Add your effort to the count.

I’m Ready to Log It!

Since 2016, GIVE65 has raised and awarded more than $2 million in support of seniors in the United States. Senior-focused nonprofits participate in the 65-hour event, which reaches more than half a million seniors annually across the U.S. These nonprofits provide seniors with food, shelter, home improvements, transportation, activities at the local senior center and so much more.

Here’s how you can donate to a nonprofit that helps seniors and have it doubled during the GIVE65 Event:

  1. Visit  www.Give65.org and donate any amount of at least $10 to a nonprofit of your choice.
  2. Your donation will be matched while funds are available.
  3. Congratulations! Your donation will support seniors in need.

Finished this mission?

6 seniors have been helped with this mission. Log your progress so we can add one more.

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Community Comments

  1. Today I am going over to the first person I started caregiving with, my previous next door neighbor while I was growing up! I will stop and buy her some flowers and make a wonderful bouquet for her and that is how I will spend the $10+ I would have donated here, as there was nothing listed for my area, as I like to donate to charities in my local area because it makes me feel like I am helping my community more right now! Anyway, I am going to check up on her as I called her a few days ago and I think with this whole pandemic happening, she has been isolated more than usual, and just having a little heart to heart in person would do her a world of good! So my plans are to create a vibrant and cheery colored bouquet 💐 to bring to her along with her favorite Panera lunch items and we can have a nice long chat and maybe take a walk around her mobile home park to get some sunshine and fresh air together. That way I will be able to check on her mental health and well-being while we get together today! I love her very much and I have always stayed in touch with her at least once a week to make sure she is doing well and that makes me feel good inside to let her know that she is still always on my mind and forever in my heart! God bless all of you that take care of our elderly, as they are not disposable and deserve to be shown and always feel our love and respect we feel for them until they go to the other side… ❤️🙏😇❤️

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  2. Fred, our prayers are with you during this difficult time!! Don’t worry, I’m sure you have paid it forward many times! It is now someone else’s turn! We are in all this together! May God richly bless you and your kind heart! 💕🙏😊

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