Sep 16 Care Mission

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Finished this mission?

36 seniors have been helped with this mission. Add your effort to the count.

I’m Ready to Log It!

Your Care Mission:

You have shared some special moments with your senior friends, neighbors, and relatives. We want to learn how seniors have touched YOUR life.

  1. Think of a time that you interacted with a senior or did a special activity together.
  2. In the comments section, tell us what you did together, why was it important to spend time together, and how you felt.

Need some inspiration? View our Snapshots with Seniors photos and stories for inspiration!

Stories have the power to inspire others to make a difference. We can’t wait to hear yours.

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Community Comments

  1. I had conversations with two seniors that I had never met.?

    1 Mission Completed
  2. My husband and I took my father-in-law out for dinner Friday night. My mother-in-Law passed away in June and we are his caregivers. We try to take him out at least once a week. He cannot drive due to his eyesight.

    4 Missions Completed
  3. I have been spending a lot of time with my ex mother in law. She is 75 and hospice just started caring for her. She is a hoarder. Helping her to let go of things and she is starting to feel relief from the stress of it all. So proud of her and her courage and strength. Being with her lifts my spirits. She helps me to realize what a gift it is to be alive. I am so blessed to have her in my life!!

    12 Missions Completed
  4. Invited senior lady for coffee and frozen Snickers bars. She had never had frozen Snickers before!

    4 Missions Completed
  5. I’m caring for my aging parents, one of them has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s (my mother). They are both 85, dad still drives (for now). I noticed that mom wasn’t thriving, didn’t seem happy, not eating a balanced diet and sleeps a lot. Dad’s been feeding her Dollar Store food. ? And I noticed mom and dad were not taking a good multivitamin. I stepped in, am making sure there is fresh fruit and healthy meals to eat now, got them both on a good multivitamin from my local vitamin store, not market vitamins (be careful) and I also brought over a nice colorful puzzle for mom and set it up for her. She sat right down and dove in. ? I even heard her whistle a tune several times, something she hasn’t done in a long while. So, God is good once again and I am praying for a miracle for mom. Why not right? Is anything too hard for our God! Hope this helps and inspires someone else. ?

    Carrie Bogy
    2 Missions Completed
  6. Engaging my Senior friends everyday through biblical scriptures. Calling and talking with them on a daily basis.

    God is on their side!

    Clay C. Rich
    1 Mission Completed
  7. I gave a homeless senior with lunch and a monatary gift! I told s senior stranger she looked beautiful ❤️ with her cap

    2 Missions Completed
  8. I smiled and waved at two seniors in a nursing home my patient was moved to.

    5 Missions Completed
  9. I recently had the honor of celebrating 51 yrs of life. As I age I begin to see how new vulnerabilities creep up on you daily. I also see how attitudes toward the 50+ community have changed. We are not our ancestors 50. We have a youthfulness about us that I’m convinced comes from straddling the 20th and 21st centuries. We also know and realize we are aging and even the best efforts can not combat time and circumstances. As a homeowner I see where simple repairs can turn into major repairs without resources. How regular maintainace and upkeep can seem insurmountable when its just one person taking care of EVERYTHING! I also see how uplifting it is to be treated with dignity and respect . Aging progresses with fear and vulnerability as constant antagonists. I often think of forming a non profit that offers such services to income challenged home owners. From an organization that takes the fear and the finance out of the picture.

    1 Mission Completed
  10. played games often with my mom because she loved them! Her favorite thing was family, having them around and playing games together. It drew us together as a family, made her so happy and to not feel alone and out of touch with kids and grandkids. Always made me smile to see her and watch her competitive spirit come out. Brought us closer as a family.

    1 Mission Completed
  11. Had a conversation and gave money to a woman selling pen flowers she had made to buy groceries.

    1 Mission Completed
  12. Spent time visiting with a senior who was feeling under the weather and bored. Found others to also visit with her.

    21 Missions Completed
  13. I am a caregiver for a true feiend of mine. I took my maltese to visit him. He loved it. I am trying to encourage him to get a small dog of his own. Also emphasize to him that God lives him and sees all the good he does 4 others and miracles Jesus has done in my life. I think this project is wonderful and needed 4 the elderly that have no family and lonely! Bless u!

    3 Missions Completed
  14. This is a story about my favorite elderly woman (Barbara) that I was fortunate enough to have been assigned to her, as her sole in home caregiver over the past 6 months.

    Barbara and I have gotten extremely close since I first started working with her and she knows that she can count on me to be there for her whenever she needed me. I looked forward to the time I was in her presence, as she was funny and the sweetest woman to me always, she was also very wise and she has a beautiful soul, so needless to say, we enjoyed the times we spent together!

    Barbara got well under my care after a few months after she had knee replacement surgery, and so I stopped working as her caregiver, but we still kept in touch with each other and one day I received a call from her stating that she had fallen down her stairs at home a couple of times and her kids wanted her to move to an assisted living home. So I went back to work for her, as she said she needed my help getting her home packed up so she could move to her new home. The sad thing was that one of her kids wanted her to move to an assisted living home that was there in town and close for the child to drive to, but Barbara wanted to live at a place that was about 15 minutes out of town, where her dear friend lived (& this friend promised Barbara she would take her anywhere she wanted to go if she moved there, and she really liked the place near her friend! So she asked me to help her convince her one child into letting her move there instead, and of course I agreed to, as she should be able to live where she would be happiest, not where her one child wanted her to live because it was the shortest distance for this child to drive to! Luckily, one of the owners of the caregiving business I work for loved the assisted living home where Barbara wanted to move, so him raving about what a great place it was convinced the one child to let her move there, mission accomplished, thanks to my big boss being so happy to hear she was going to “the best place in the area”, and that was it! I didn’t have to do a thing on that issue with this one child! Easy peasy!

    So while I was at her house helping her pack, she said that her furniture was too big for the new space she was moving into. She then opened up to me and said that when she told that same one child that her bed was a king and she needed a full sized bed and that her couch was way too big and she needed a smaller sofa, & her one child said “you don’t need anything new, as this furniture and bed you have now will be fine!” Here’s where I cried out loud when Barbara said to me “you know Julie, all I heard her say with that comment is “you won’t be alive that long, so you don’t need anything new!” OMG, I bawled when she told me that. So her one child left town for a week and Barbara asked me to help her get a new mattress while her child was out of town, & of course I was on board to be her partner in crime and defy the inconsiderate child who makes her feel so badly all the time!

    So I went over and picked her up & I drove Barbara down to the one place in town that was having the best Labor Day sales and she said “now Julie I want you to help me get the best price possible for this new bed” and I told her “I am one of the best shopper’s on the planet and I have your back, I will be the best wing woman you’ve ever seen & let’s do this now sweetie!” So we walked in and this mattress salesman had no chance against our charms and beguiling ways, he never knew what hit him, until it was too late and Barbara and I dazzled him with our wit and charm and what turned out to be a quote of $1,600+ at first, and then Barbara stating that she was sorry, as she forgot to say that she only had a $1,000 budget to buy this new bed… And the poor guy started backpedaling and took the price down to a mere $1,014 as he gave her the box spring and foundation of the bed for free! And she still got everything he included in her first quote (her free beautiful sheet set, free delivery and free removal and disposal of her old mattress along with free set up!) When he announced the new price that was over $600 cheaper but still included everything he originally quoted her, she said “That’s perfect, I’ll take it!” And then she winked at me and smiled! I will never forget that day, as she taught me that no matter how old you get, you really never lose your womanly wilds, and your negotiating skills can be as sharp as ever, if you just have the confidence to use them. And that the only thing she needed me for was the ride done there (as she was ordered by her Dr. Not to drive), for moral support, and to know that I was behind her and that I had her back, no matter what!

    I never charged her a dime nor did I record my mileage to drive her around that day, nor for any miles I drove her around any time past that day, even though I was supposed to! And I told her that it was an absolute pleasure to be around her and that I so enjoyed every minute I’m in her presence, and that she is amazing, and finally that “I wanted to be her when I grew up!” We both laughed together on that one, and she said “See if more people were like you Julie, they’d see that it’s not so bad to hang out with us older folks! & they might actually have some fun together with us and maybe they would include us more by actually wanting to spend more time with us!” And my reply was, “I will be one of the first ones to make it a permanent thing to get together with you at least twice a week and we will go do whatever we feel like at the time, and we’ll do it together, okay?” She smiled and replied “You’ve got a date kiddo with me then, and I couldn’t have picked a better person to do this with, so thank you hon & I love you so very much!” All I could say back to her was “I love you more, my friend!”

    What a day we had together and what beautiful memories we made for both of us (& also for that unsuspecting mattress salesman too, as he will never forget us, nor that day when we walked into his store!), & I am looking forward to the many more wonderful memories that we will surely make in the future with our get togethers that mean so very much to both of us!!!


    30 Missions Completed

    2 Missions Completed
  16. Make the time to speak to all our seniors at church before and/or after service. Sometimes it is the only time they get out of the house to be with people; although we do have one 96 yr old (by her own admission!) that drives herself to church (a half mile drive) and is an inspiration to those half her age!

    17 Missions Completed
  17. It seems like just spending time together visiting is something my senior friends and I enjoy…..maybe lunch once in awhile or a movie!

    Nancy Cooksey
    39 Missions Completed
  18. One of my favorite memories is playing duets on the piano with my sweet 96 yr old senior. She had taught piano for many years and played for several churches, too. It was lots of fun for both of us!

    15 Missions Completed
  19. I visit the senior home nearby every week, and what a joy it is to most of the seniors, as I greet them with just a simple phase ” Hello beautiful!” How are you today? I even get a compliment from time to time from a few of the seniors, how pretty my dress looks. Just a smile is all they need at times. Blessings to the care givers that give of their time on a daily basis. I am thankful for all the care they give. Alison

    1 Mission Completed
  20. I have a friend who can no longer get out of the house. I surprise him with a meal from a takeout place he enjoys. We share it and trade stories of times we have been there. Reliving memories st this time in his life cheers him

    13 Missions Completed
  21. I took a senior to church with me on Sunday who lives in a nursing home. After church we went to visit a young lady in a nursing home who has MS. It made me feel good to spend time with him and he enjoyed getting out of the nursing home for a few hours. He said that he appreciated the time we spent together.

    1 Mission Completed
  22. I can’t wait to meet my first patient

    0 Missions Completed
  23. When I invited my Godmother to go with me to the AARP movie for grown ups, she shared with me how happy she was, how much she enjoyed the movie and how it made her think about good memories from the past. I felt ecstatic to be a part of bringing her enjoyment. In fact, I’m going to contact her right now…

    7 Missions Completed
  24. It is such a joy to just give a hug and a smile to the residents at the nursing home. They brighten my day

    6 Missions Completed
  25. Every year my friend and Client made chutney. It was our special time every year , till she passed away after twenty years. I still think about her and chutney every fall ?

    7 Missions Completed
  26. Be Kind!! And treat others the way you do ant to be treated!! Always stay positive!!

    1 Mission Completed
  27. My 7yr old son and I happened to be standing outside when the lady across the street pulled into her driveway. She popped open her trunk, and I knew what that meant, I told my son to go help her carry in her groceries, and either no hesitation he ran right over, while I followed behind. When we were finished she gave my son, Mason, 4 glazed donuts which he came home and shared with his neighborhood buddies.

    1 Mission Completed

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