Aug 12 Care Mission

Keep on Caring On!

It feels great to finish a Care Mission. Which ones have you completed?

Finished this mission?

34 seniors have been helped with this mission. Add your effort to the count.

I’m Ready to Log It!

Finished this mission?

34 seniors have been helped with this mission. Add your effort to the count.

I’m Ready to Log It!

Your Care Mission:

Have you been keeping up on your caring? Let’s put you to the test: how many of the following Care Missions have you completed?

  1. Quiz: Uncover your Caring Personality
  2. Say Something Nice to a Senior
  3. Call a Senior
  4. Invite a Senior to your Home
  5. Care Challenge: One Day of Isolation

If you’ve completed less than 3, what’s holding you back? Your mission this week is to finish one of the challenges listed above and mark it “complete”! If you have finished all 5, congrats and keep caring on!

Finished this mission?

34 seniors have been helped with this mission. Log your progress so we can add one more.

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Community Comments

  1. I want a job on carting

    0 Missions Completed
  2. Reached out today, with prayer and encouraging words to a Senior released from the hospital.

    Clay C. Rich
    1 Mission Completed
  3. I’m just a unworthy servant doing my duty it’s a Honor and a privilege to serve

    2 Missions Completed
  4. I have completed all missions presented to me!

    Nancy Cooksey
    50 Missions Completed
  5. keep on keeping on! It feels good to do something nice for someone and doesn’t have to cost any more than a smile!

    22 Missions Completed
  6. I asked my granddaughter to help a grandmother to assist opening the doors at a DD, because she was pushing a child in with a stroller.

    6 Missions Completed
  7. I was at the post office and as I came out I saw an older lady from church I had not seen in awhile. I stopped and said “hello” and asked how she had been as I had not seen her in awhile. She told me about her back and how it had been hurting and she had just come from the doctor. I told her how sorry I was and if she needed anything to give me a call. We exchanged phone numbers. I have called her daily since to check on her.

    3 Missions Completed
  8. Cindy,
    Havent seen an old neighbor, over a year. Came to dinner, shopping next day

    1 Mission Completed
  9. Cindy
    1 Mission Completed
  10. I am currently helping a senior friend who was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer in June. I have been helping her find various resources for financial assistance as well as helping her around her condo. I have been and am ready to care in this mission. Thank you.

    0 Missions Completed
  11. I wrote to a senior this week. It was a suggested challenge. I haven’t been very good at keeping up with my Godmother in California, so sending her a letter from Cape Cod was a great way to keep in touch. My Godmother has some health issues now and again and I wanted to recognize how much I care for her. Although she’s lived on the West Coast my entire life and I, on the East, we get together every now and then. It’s been a while, due to health issues, but I still think of her often. I know she loves to receive snail mail. When I was away, I made sure she received a letter and a post card.

    Tracy Colligan
    3 Missions Completed
  12. Walking around the park, I noticed two elderly couples coming from the opposite direction, and I smiled st both of them and said hello.

    Joni King
    2 Missions Completed
  13. An elderly neighbor recently lost his wife & since then he decided to sell his condo & move into Independent living. Well unfortunately he fell his 1st night in his new apartment & ended up in the ER, then the hospital w/fractures in his back. I was our of town when this all occurred so in trying to track him down so I could visit, I learned he had subsequently been transferred to another location (rehab hospital) & finally reached hi. By phone. He sounded so distraught & depressed. Said he only had underwear, shoes & his wallet when he went to ER & now he was trying to get clothes & find his wallet. I assured him I would work to find his wallet & get him some clothes. Ive got hospital security at both physical locations working to track fown who/where/etc. Regarding his wallet & ID. Next I will work to get permission to enter his new place to bring him some clothes. He has no family in this state & I only met his 2 sons when my neighbor’s wife died. I will continue to be a friend & act like Family to help him navigate as I can tell he is so lost w/o his wife & this is A LOT to handle at 1 time at his age.

    10 Missions Completed
  14. I took the quiz & it was spot on

    16 Missions Completed
  15. I met a elderly friend for dinner.

    0 Missions Completed
  16. Selfless Server, although I don’t feel I deserve that label—thought-provoking quiz, though.

    4 Missions Completed
  17. Many people respond with a smile or a comment after they were spoken too. A simple ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’ was all it took.

    0 Missions Completed
  18. I called and went to visit a senior this week.

    1 Mission Completed
  19. Visited rehab several times

    Evelyn Shaw
    1 Mission Completed
  20. Went to dmv to get my license renewed. It started to downpour outside and I was sitting near the door. I overheard an older woman talk to one of the girls at the front desk and said “well, I’m going to get a little wet!” I got up and offered her to have my umbrella, but she politely declined. I then told her “if you won’t take the umbrella please let me walk you to your car”. She said no, but I insisted. She laughed and said okay.

    We opened the door and it was a downpour. The street was already covered in an inch of water and the rain was coming down hard. I opened the umbrella and made sure she was protected from the elements. As we were walking, I introduced myself and found out her name was Patricia. :). She was able to make it to her car and get in without being soaked. I said my goodbyes and closed her car door and walked back into DMV.

    The woman at the desk had a bunch of paper towels – I was soaked from head to toe. I thanked her and sat down in my seat and an older woman sitting next to me told me I had a good soul. I told her thank you. I overheard one of the guards talking to the woman at the front desk telling her that he was an EMT but with people today it’s always a risk to help others. He then told a story about someone getting sued for helping someone.

    I have to say, trusted my gut on this one. The woman needed help and I was happy to oblige. All it takes is a moment of kindness in some way to make someone’s day a little brighter or helpful. I chose to help.

    1 Mission Completed

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