Feb 18 Care Mission

Invite a Senior to your Home

Extend a warm welcome and some good old-fashioned hospitality to a senior.

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34 seniors have been helped with this mission. Add your effort to the count.

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Finished this mission?

34 seniors have been helped with this mission. Add your effort to the count.

I’m Ready to Log It!

The Facts: You know your neighbor, Mary Rose, recently lost her husband. While her family visits occasionally, her car is in the driveway a lot these days. She could be one of the many seniors that are facing loneliness or isolation, especially after the loss of a spouse.

Open your home to friends, neighbors, or relatives that may be spending a lot of time alone. Sometimes an invite is just what they need to connect with others and maintain social relationships.

Here are some tips for hosting a get-together:

  1. Be specific. Say, “We’re having a few neighbors over on Saturday morning at 10 a.m. for coffee. I’d love for you to join us.” Avoid vague invitations such as, “I’d love to have you over sometime.” Offering a specific time and date is much easier to coordinate.

  2. Offer to pick them up. Limited mobility or access to transportation may be limiting a senior’s ability to connect with others.

  3. Consider the time of day. Dinner plans may be tough for older adults, especially if they have trouble driving in the dark or may simply be tired. Consider inviting them earlier in the day.

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Community Comments

  1. My neighbour lost her husband last year. I invite her over often, take her soup or baking. When my grandkids visit I invite her over.

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  2. We are retired but live in a neighborhood that are much older then us. Knowing how my father was lonely after my mom passed. No one invited him over or visited with him except the family. I have decided that none of our neighbors would be left alone like he was, we invite our neighbors often, sometimes as a neighborhood gatherings and sometimes as individuals.

    6 Missions Completed
  3. I opened my home to a neighbor for lunch are shared history stories.

    Ailene. Bracken
    2 Missions Completed
  4. Melisa
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  5. My mother was rushed to the emergency room and had to have emergency brain surgery to remove a blood clot, while praying for her when I couldn’t be in her room, I took care of an elderly in the waiting room with her son also in the hospital. Getting her coffee or breakfast in the mornings and lunch during the day, at 86 years old she was very appreciative and enjoyed the company, it was the very least that I can do for her as well as for my mother, my heart just went out to her and she’s such a sweet person! Helping her in the waiting room, made me feel good about myself and also my mother when there was nothing I can do personally for my mother in the NCCU…..

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  6. I just signed up at a local nursing home to start a vocal group with the occupants. I’m so excited. I walked around introducing myself to everyone. What a blessed day already!

    1 Mission Completed
  7. We offered to come and get our elderly friend. She was very thankful for the offer

    4 Missions Completed
  8. I invited my fatherin law for dinner and asked him to bring a friend that might enjoy a day of playing cards. We ended up doing lunch instead of dinner because of the need to be back at the nursing home in time for meds. My teenage son even went to pick them up and drive back.

    12 Missions Completed
  9. invited our neighbors to dinner and had great time chatting about their lives

    3 Missions Completed
  10. I met some of our neighbors , mostly seniors. I enjoyed some wonderful food from their culture and invited them over for a traditional Italian meal.

    9 Missions Completed

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