Feb 3 Care Mission

Find Common Ground

Learn how to connect with people who have different viewpoints and interests as you.
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51 seniors have been helped with this mission. Add your effort to the count.

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Finished this mission?

51 seniors have been helped with this mission. Add your effort to the count.

I’m Ready to Log It!

Have you ever had a conversation with someone that was a real snoozer? Maybe all they talked about was the big game, but you don’t even know (or care to know) the difference between a touchdown and field goal. It can be hard to find common ground with someone who has different interests, worldviews, values or cultures. Uncovering ways to connect despite differences can help you live a life of compassion and empathy.

If you’re trying to live by the Golden Rule, these three tips can help you find common ground with someone who has a different perspective or interests.

  1. Make small talk. Small talk can be hard, but it gets easier when you practice. Asking someone about their work projects, vacation plans, favorite foods or pets can all be good conversation starters.
  2. Listen. When you’re talking with someone, listen for the things you have in common. If you both have dogs, for example, steer the conversation to talk more about interests you share.
  3. Share an experience. Instead of talking, plan activities together like watching a movie or doing a craft workshop. As you do things together, you’ll begin to have common experiences and can draw on those for conversations and begin building a rapport. This may be particularly helpful for building stronger relationships with someone who is a regular part of your life, such as a daughter-in-law.

How do you connect with others?

Finished this mission?

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Community Comments

  1. I called and prayed with a senior that was home bound. I made small talk with several Seniors while running errands during the week. I called and prayed with another Senior who doesn’t go out much. This helped with building stronger relationships!

    2 Missions Completed
  2. Took food up
    To my neighbor on Super Bowl Sunday

    1 Mission Completed
  3. Talked with 2 different senior women who were new to the church. Took them each out to breakfast. Had great conversations! Paid for their meals. Spoke with each one, regularly at church. Invited each Tony home for coffee/tea. More good conversations & making them feel wanted & loved. And, that they have a friend in me and I in them.

    11 Missions Completed
  4. I visited in a client’s home and learned we have so much in common! She loves to talk, and I’m a great listener. I loved brightening her day!

    4 Missions Completed
  5. Cynthia
    2 Missions Completed
  6. I sent cards to people celebrating birthdays or anniversaries, those who lost loved ones, those who are sick, and those who needed encouragement. I am also sending Valentines to single people because they tend to feel forgotten. I also send Congratulations to those who won ball games, got a new home, got a new job, got married, or had a new baby. People need to know that they matter and that people care about them. I love to see people smile!

    8 Missions Completed
  7. Had a conversation with Senior about her feelings yesterday. She talked a long time after I initiated the conversation.

    1 Mission Completed
  8. My mission was to speak to a senior
    As I left the store a senior asked for change
    I didn’t have any on me
    After getting in my car my mission pricked my spirit
    I turned around, parked and returned to the store with something for the senior
    She stood up as I approached and as I handed her the money she said thank you and then asked a question
    We spoke for maybe 3 minutes and as I left I took her hand , smiled and told her to take care. She said thank you for talking to me
    I think the talk meant more at the moment than the money

    0 Missions Completed
  9. I take her for a walk . Call her on the phone. Go visit

    7 Missions Completed
  10. I have always been innately an empath, who can connect easily and effortlessly with others because I genuinely do care about others naturally.

    But I was also a sales person all my life because being an empath made it so easy to connect with others so it was a natural job for me to be really good at, that is if I believed in the products I was selling. When I first started calling out to customers on the phone, I would connect with others by seeing their names and then relating their names with other people in my life who had the same name and by starting the conversation off with them telling them about the person in my life with their name… So that was one of so many different ways that I would always find some way to break the ice with people first, and then by developing a common denominator between us, then I would take it from there on, as we were no longer virtual strangers to each other as we had something in common between us! Whether it be where they lived, and I had been there on vacation, or I would ask if they were celebrating something special when they were wine tasting in the Napa Valley with me, and they would say they were celebrating a birthday or anniversary & that was what brought them into my winery, then I would share my experience of the vacation I had where they lived, or just congratulate them for the life experience they were there to celebrate with me and I would give them something special to remember their time with me and that would make a special memory for them to take back home with them… It truly is easy to connect with others, if you get creative in the ways you do it. The key here is to care enough to connect in a meaningful way from the start, as if you truly want to get to know someone else there are a thousand and one ways to do it, just start from your heart and go from there! It will change your life, and so many others too, just because you genuinely cared enough to make that connection! What a beautiful world it would be if everyone thought and acted this way… imagine it! Beautiful! ❤️??❤️

    42 Missions Completed
  11. I greeted every senior citizen on my way to work all week.

    0 Missions Completed
  12. I helped 2 seniors find their car at Costco parking lot.
    Talked to a lot of seniors while doing thrift store shopping at a church.
    Also did some chit chatting with some seniors while in line to pay at a grocery store.

    3 Missions Completed
  13. We had very different political views but had a very nice and peaceful conversation and she commented that it was so pleasant speaking with someone calmly though both were on opposite sides of the spectrum
    Me conservative and her very liberal
    I told her I was a Christian and she said she was too and we had some very differing views on what that meant as well !!!

    3 Missions Completed
  14. Wrote little notes on personal invitations for a church event. Folks seemed pleased to get a note in the mail,not just a bill in the mail.

    0 Missions Completed
  15. I was in my closet and I did it.

    12 Missions Completed
  16. I always ask questions about their likes and dislikes. It makes it easier to know about them. Children what they did. I find that a lot of them are farmers. I can relate to that and gardens. We talk about cooking and sewing crocheting embordering. And listening to stories. You can learn a lot if you sit back and listen and find some common ground to change subjects and get intrested in other things.

    17 Missions Completed
  17. Share Jesus the time is now

    1 Mission Completed
  18. Getting on common ground topics can be particularly difficult especially when you’re with a person of different interests the majority of the time. And on the other hand it can become an art! My “caretakees” love to discuss politics. Although I am not 100% informed, we’ve been able to discuss shared views and as it turns out we agree on many agendas and have had great conversations. Thank you Ready to Care for the inspiring motivation in so many areas ❤

    Janyce Emery
    3 Missions Completed
  19. Most people just want to talk to someone. It is usually pretty easy to switch the conversation to one of interest.

    8 Missions Completed

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