Apr 22 Care Mission

Celebrate One Year of Care!

Ready to Care is one year old! This week, let's reflect on all the good we've done together. Share your story, then keep calm and care on!

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31 seniors have been helped with this mission. Add your effort to the count.

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Finished this mission?

31 seniors have been helped with this mission. Add your effort to the count.

I’m Ready to Log It!

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Thank you for being dedicated to helping seniors through every day acts of care and kindness. In just one year, we’ve grown our community to over 4,400 Ready to Care members! Together, we’ve completed more than 2,850 care missions, and continue making a difference every day.

To help us celebrate this milestone, we’d like to hear your personal Ready to Care stories:

Tell us about the impact you’ve made and how you’ve helped make the world a better place for seniors in the comments.

This is an exciting milestone, but we have more work to do! Share Ready to Care with a friend who might be interested in joining our caring community. And above all else, keep caring!

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Community Comments

  1. helped senior friends with their family history research.

    1 Mission Completed
  2. I have a client who loves getting out. Because she needs a walker and a wheelchair not everyone can assist her. I am making it my mission to take her to as many events whether it is out for ice cream, to the park, or to an event. The past year we celebrated birthdays, went to the fair, and to some County Parks.

    6 Missions Completed
  3. Right now I’m just looking to continue to do better at caring for others right now I’m in the process of caring for my grandson who has been through a tremendous ordeal over the last couple of months so yes it is very invigorating and a little bit transitional at the moment but my authenticness the care continues we need this change in the world today so I will continue my mission

    2 Missions Completed
  4. As I was with my client today I said hello to everyone that I saw

    5 Missions Completed

    Mal Pinkie
    1 Mission Completed
  6. This is how I have helped the elderly since I started my dream job and I am fulfilling my destiny and purpose in life since I became an In Home Caregiver on January 23, 2019:

    My first job that I was placed on was with my old next door neighbor since I was a young girl growing up! Her name is Marsha & she and her family had lived next door to me in my childhood home, SO I ALREADY LOVED & ADORED HER SO MUCH & SHE ALREADY LOVED AND TRUSTED ME! I couldn’t believe my luck to be placed on my first caregiving assignment with her, as I had heard from the neighbors where I grew up (and I still live now with my aging parents too!) that she wasn’t doing well and was near death from a rupture in her intestines! And she had been placed in the same care facility that my own Mother almost died at, if it wasn’t for my Father insisting on being there with her from sun up to sundown, & making sure the nurses and caregivers there gave my Mom the actual care she needed (which call buttons and requests on my Mom’s part were frequently ignored completely) then my own Mom would not be here today! And Marsha said that she got no sleep there for over 1 month while she was left in there! She also had pneumonia (which I also had contracted a couple years prior & I was hospitalized for it too, so I knew how totally drained she was, just from personally experiencing it myself!).

    Anyway, the first days and for a few weeks when I was first working with her at her home, all she talked about then was “not being afraid to die, as most of her loved ones and her close friends were already on the other side!” And I said “Marsha, evidently God and his Angels brought us together so I could nurse you back to health again, and your going to show me how to be the best possible caregiver that I can be! And you must have more to do here on this Earth, or God would have taken you already honey… & I didn’t take this as my first job doing this position to come here only to just watch you die sweetie! I’m here to help you heal and rise from the ashes like a Phoenix once again my dear friend! ” From that moment on, I learned how to do my job from the best person possible, as I totally loved and respected my Marsha & she totally loved and trusted me!

    The biggest hurdle for her in the beginning was that she needed soooooo much rest! And her 4 sons never understood this and they’d say “Mom you’ve been home for a week, you should be getting up and around on your own by now!” And I would ask them, have you ever had pneumonia before? And they all told me “No”, and I’d say “No disrespect to any of you, but you don’t know how totally exhausted she feels right now then, as I had it and I literally slept for one month before I started feeling halfway decent! And my Mother almost died in the care facility that your Mom was unfortunately placed in, if it wasn’t for my Father being there 24/7 for her, my Mom wouldn’t be alive today!” And they would hear what I said and allow her to sleep as much as she needed to after I spoke up for her!

    So I would come in daily and be as quiet as a mouse so she could sleep as late as she needed to and wake up to a beautifully made breakfast, fully prepared lunch and dinner that she could just pop into the microwave and heat, and I would open up her blinds, turn on the Himalayan salt light (that I bought for her), turn on all of her battery operated candles that she loved & made her house as comfortable and warm for her daily! I shopped for her and cooked her a huge vegetarian and organic breakfast, lunch and dinner daily (boy could she eat a lot of food for such a frail woman of 80 years young, & thank goodness for her appetite, as that surely helped save her life too!). I understood that she needed to sleep more than anything, so I booked her appointments all at the end of the week, so she could sleep most of the day for 4 days straight in between her appointments, I drove her to all her appointments and made sure she always had “Fiber, Protein and Hydration” all throughout her day! I applied for a handicapped placard with her Doctor and went to DMV and got the placard for her so that we didn’t have to park too far away from where we were going, as that would tire her out! I did her laundry, cleaned her kitchen and washed her dishes, grocery shopped and bought everything online that she needed, I paid her bills, called her creditors and get her accounts tailored to what she needed and saved her $100’s on so many accounts that she was thrilled. I talked to everyone she had to deal with to take care of anything that came up, I also thwarted an unscrupulous company from swindling her out of any money when she called the wrong company from a google search she made to call Apple and instead got some company who asked me to drive down and buy gift cards from a nearby store so they could take the number off the card and steal the money she would have bought these cards for, as I took over the calll she was on with this company and knew it was a scam! I did so much in 4 hours each day for her that she ultimately cancelled the weekend help that used to come in to take care of her after just one month of my taking care of her, and after that she only had me coming to help her 5 days a week and 4 hours a day. The awesome thing is that I got her completely well within 2 months of me being placed with her! She is now 100% healed!

    Now she gets up every single day and talks about her new goals for each day! She’s back up to walking 3+ miles a day and she has been given a clean bill of health by her Doctor’s and they called her “A Miracle” on how good she is now doing! The big bonus for me is that I have learned how to be there and fulfill each and every need she had to get her well again! I was trained by a woman whom I loved dearly, and that I lived next door to during my childhood years, who I admired and respected immensely, and we both became the best of friends throughout our entire time we spent together during those 2 months! And now she is taking care of herself again and living life to the upmost once again! She’s like a second Mother to me now and I’m like the daughter she never had before (as she has 4 Sons!). And I feel that God and the Angels above brought us together again for us both to grow and get well again and become the best that we could be together! I thank God for placing us together for my first job being a caregiver and I feel like I can take on the world now after this wonderful experience, & I look forward to helping each and every senior I am placed with, to get well and feel completely loved and cared for like they are my own family during our time together, and I will do it one senior citizen at a time for the rest of my working days! ?????‍♀️❤️ I feel Grateful! By: Julie Pieper

    30 Missions Completed
  7. Ready to care help me to do more in the life of my mother who has Alzheimer’s how to care and love FOR her, I hear people say the person I knew is no longer there true so now you have to get to know and love who they are now!

    1 Mission Completed
  8. Mal Pinkie
    1 Mission Completed
  9. Always treat people like you would want to be treated….

    2 Missions Completed
  10. As for me i try my best to serve them the best that I care….

    2 Missions Completed
  11. I loved this experience. It re-inforced how important it is to help our seniors connect and stay connected. It is healthy for everyone.

    19 Missions Completed
  12. I am asking friends to help start a dementia cafe in my community and another community. Care partners are left alone or become isolated and they need our help.

    19 Missions Completed
  13. I helped dress a senior today.

    5 Missions Completed
  14. Hi. I learned a lot and this challenge made me more aware of the things around me. I hope we do this again.

    31 Missions Completed
  15. Since becoming a Caregiver little over a year ago..I have become more aware of Seniors and how to help them. Especially at the grocery store and while I am out shopping. Helping with reaching things if in a wheelchair or holding door open or helping put groceries in car or getting out of wheelchair to car or reading labels. Giving smiles and hello’s to running errands or just explaining things to them. Fixing dinner or taking a small gift on occasion. Going out for a birthday lunch or even taking one in. Being a caregiver is very rewarding and I love it.

    Christine Marcum
    22 Missions Completed
  16. This has been a great way to keep seniors in the forefront of my mind. When I’m out and about I make sure I greet seniors and seek ways to lend a hand or engage them in conversation. I love to hear their stories. These wonderful people have so many life experiences that can help me be a better person. It’s a blessing to serve seniors!

    4 Missions Completed
  17. Help senior friends in history research…

    9 Missions Completed
  18. My father went into a facility for independent / assisted care one year ago, April 2018. My sons and I took care of the donations of mom’s belongings, and his, got his unfinished projects completed, roof, some plumbing, staged the flower beds for the Open House. Emptied and cleaned, and Yay! His house sold. Sadly, it was difficult to let go of 40 years of memories. But the sale will allow for 4 years of my dads care.

    7 Missions Completed
  19. Been in the in home care field for going on 8 years. I love it!

    2 Missions Completed
  20. My visits to a family member in a care facility has really changed my outlook on many things. The majority of residents at this facility/nursing home are elderly. As I walk through the hallways and areas of the building, I make sure to say hello, smile, and greet the residents I encounter.
    As I visit my loved one there, I treasure my time with them and do all that I can to make sure tge are comfortable.
    These Care Missions and this group are wonderful at making me realize how seniors are in need of love, time, attention, respect, and so much more. It saddens me yet lifts my spirit to be able to improve their lives. ?

    11 Missions Completed

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